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Best in Show: Capitol Fashion

Mar 06,2013
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It's still a whole 10 months until The Hunger Games: Catching Fire hits cinemas but that doesn't stop them releasing all sorts of teasing pictures, and me getting ALL EXCITED.

The latest project? Capitol Couture, which is showing off the amazing fashion world of Collins' Capitol one portrait at a time.

First, there was Effie:

File 13394

Doesn't she look poodle-tastic?

Next up was Caesar (click image for large version... which lets you see his purple eyebrows!):

File 13398

But today everyone's gushing over the just-released portrait of the girl on fire herself:

File 13402

There's also portraits of Cinna and Haymitch, and still more portraits to be released! The Capitol Couture website itself seems to be a little glitchy, so I think the best place to stay up to date with them is facebook.

Mar 07,2013

Wow. :O That seems so fittingly extravagant.

Inky, your comment reminds me of these two poodles I saw once; one had fur dyed pink and the other purple. Well. They turned a few heads. *shrug*

Mar 07,2013

Very grandiose! Makes me want to get my fur done. Maybe I could get a red tail... or gold toes...

Mar 06,2013

Now isn't that just grand?

Mar 06,2013

Yes. But only because I care!

Mar 06,2013


Do you mean to tease me so?

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