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Best in Show: Catching Fire

Jan 16,2013
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No, this isn't an instructional post about how to set fire to things. It's part 2 of... <insert Oprah voice> The Huuuun-ger Gaaaaames!

Have you seen the sneak-peek photos of Catching Fire? (You can click the images to view the full size.)

There's Finnick and Katniss, looking all photoshopped...

File 12726

And Finnick looking like he's just caught Katniss breaking open her secret stash of treats...

File 12729

Katniss and Peeta look like they don't enjoy public speaking...

File 12735

And it seems Gale isn't too thrilled about it either...

File 12732

The sad news is we have to wait until 21 November for the movie. November! That's, like, 6 dog years away.

All images courtesy of Entertainment Weekly.

Jan 18,2013

@TriSARAHtops - which other movies are you looking forward to? I've also got my sights set on The Wolverine, more Percy Jackson, and more of The Hobbit!

@ambivalence - I am the master of temptation! No-one can resist my puppy-eyes and shiny offerings...

@Daydreamer - hey yeah! Maybe I should do exams too so I can- no... wait... I don't want exams. I'll just see the film anyway.

Jan 17,2013
Well, at least it will make an awesome reward when exams are over... for me anyway. ^^
Jan 16,2013

I heard about the pictures, but I didn't want to look at them because it only makes the waiting more painful... plus I like a massive surprise - but I couldn't resist when you guys put 'em up. 'Tis looking good ^_^

Jan 16,2013

I hate waiting for movies to come out, and seeing the pictures just makes the wait 10 times more anxious... If the movie is as good as the last one, even though the last one DID miss out on some stuff from the book, it should be good.

I'm not even a massive *OMG fangirl* fan of the Hunger Games... but I'm still excited. So many movies coming out this year!


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