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Best In Show: Divergent, casting ahoy!

Mar 20,2013
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While much of the Divergent cast still remain in rumourland (Kate Winslet, we want you!), the main cast has cast. You may rejoice.

Jai Courtney as Eric

File 13690

Shailene Woodley as Beatrice Prior

File 13693

Theo James as Four (Tobias Eaton)

File 13703


While the casting has been met with fan approval, there has been some controversy over the age of the actors. Theo is 28 and Jai is 27. Both will be playing 18 year old characters.

Does age matter, or is it about the quality of acting?

What do you think? Can you see Theo and Jai in their respective roles?

Apr 05,2013

I am pretty happy with the casting.  Shailene Woodley can act (always a plus) and having seen her talk about the role I am pretty confident she's well placed.  She wasn't what I envisioned but considering I was annoyed when Jennifer Lawrence was cast as Katniss (I wanted more age appropriate Hailee Steinfeld) I am choosing to be cool on this one.  Talent should be important or we end up with more Miley Cyrus mouth emoting.

Kate Winslet's casting has made me super excited as well.


Apr 01,2013

I am currently reading Divergent and I had to put it down to sleep even though I don't want to. The age difference irks me a bit when I know vaguely the age of the actors but it really depends on how they perform. I kind of agree with you all. 

Mar 29,2013
anonymous's picture

I feel as though Shailene Woodley is too pretty for average looking Tris. One of the most likeable things about Tris is that she knows she's not perfect (in looks and everything else) and accepts it without being self-deprecating.


Mar 22,2013
anonymous's picture

Even though I'm more of a fan of The Hunger Games than Divergent (and more of a fan still of Uglies, another dystopian book to movie adaptation that IS happening, apparently), so I wouldn't be totally outraged if they got the casting a little bit wrong... I think thy've done a pretty good job. I think Four is very well cast, and Jai Courtney, even though he doen't look exactly like I pictured Eric, is well cast as well. Not so sure about the casting for Beatrice, but I don't think anyone is going to be too disappointed with the casting.

Mar 21,2013

I haven't read the book either, but I rarely notice the giant age gap between how old the actor is and how old the character they're meant to be playing is, until it's pointed out to me. Then I find it weird. O.O Agreed with ambivalence though. Talent doesn't overrule looking the part, especially when they're adapting a book. Otherwise I'm not too fussed, though I'd ignore it when I'm watching the movie. 

Mar 20,2013

But I guess that's sort of like Katniss being 16... and Jennifer Lawrence being... twenty-something. Although I personally would have preferred seeing a Katniss exactly like the one on my front cover, I also think that a) [sadly] you have to be realistic, and b) the wider audience may have been really disturbed if Katniss looked as innocent and small as the one on my cover.

Generally speaking though, I think the actor/actress should look the right age, or at least be within a 5 year range of the age of the character. I mean, regardless of the quality of acting, you can't have, say, Betty White play Katniss, could you? So I guess.. in summary, it's a combination of looks and/or reasonable age and talent. Yes.

(And I haven't read Divergent, so I don't think I can pass judgement on that :P )

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