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Best In Show: Vampire Academy Movie Trailer

Sep 18,2013
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I'll admit I'm quite intrigued by the Vampire Academy trailer. I honestly thought they'd head down the fluffy Twilight route.

The first 30 seconds looks like a Mean Girls meets Twilight rip-off and I was disappointed... but then it does a complete one 180 and people are fighting, being snarky and writing weird things on walls with their victims' blood.

I'm totally on board.

Any avid die-hard fans out there? Or maybe you're more of a I'll-die-hard-if-I-have-to-hear-any-more-about-vampires fan.

Sep 18,2013
anonymous's picture

MEEE!!!!! I have all the books signed :) absolutely in love with it. 

Sep 18,2013

I love Vampire Academy. I was expecting something worse. I'm very interested in seeing more clips. 

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