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Confession: I Have Crushes On Fictional Characters

Jul 22,2014
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File 23686Confession: I have crushes on fictional characters.

Whether they’re from books, TV or movies, I’ve exclaimed ‘I love this guy’ over plenty of made-up chaps (Hi, Randy Taylor!).

Some pull at the old heart strings. Others’ dagginess makes them loveable. Maybe it's the character’s brains, or values, or strengths (or weaknesses). Or maybe they're designed to make knees go weak on a global scale.

Either way, let the drooling begin!


Reason: He’s mysterious. He’s played by Theo James. He’s flawed. Um, Theo James. He’s got incredible tattoos. Did I mention Theo James? He kicks arse. The end.

File 23689
















This one’s simple. I gave myself butterflies writing a few scenes between James and Josie (I don’t want to give away any spoilers here.) Maybe it’s his dimples, maybe it’s the scooter, maybe it’s the fact he’s almost as big a dag as her. But I kinda like him… a lot. (It’s not cheating on your husband if he’s fictional and purely from your 14-year-old self’s imagination, right? *cough*)

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Reason: Okay, I’ll admit it – Rob can be a bit of a moody tool (but who’s perfect, right?). But the first time I read this book I fell in love with Rob’s Top Five Lists (including his Top Five Most Memorable Break-ups). They’re so anal, and quirky, and unnecessary… but they’re also so me. I’m an over-analysing dork who does Top Fives, which means I’ve never forgotten about Rob and his lists. Plus, I love young John Cusack and books/movies set in record shops.

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Because it’s freakin’ Noah and he says stuff like THIS. Oh, and Ryan Gosling. No further explanation required.

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I’m as surprised as you are that Ron’s made the list. But he kept popping into my head, and I think it’s because of his incredible evolution from wise-cracking kid to do-anything-for-Hermione that melts my marshmallow. Also, I have quite the record for falling in love with my boy best friends, so this little love-in really speaks to me. Ron and Hermione all the way, I don’t care if J.K is now questioning it – they’re perfect.

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Reason: I fell for it. I’m on the bandwagon, I won’t lie. Sure, there’s a few times where I want to say “Oh, shut up, Gus, no one talks like that!” but then other times? Well, I’m quite the smitten kitten.

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Which male and female fictional characters are you head over heels for?


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Jul 29,2014

My first fictional crush was Jack from Enid Blyton's Adventure theories. The thing for red-heads has never gone away, so I'm definitely team Ron (although Fred & George are actually my favourite Weasleys).

Lord of the Rings. Just... everything. All of them. Don't make me choose.

Current crushes include Adam from 'If I Stay' and Ed from 'Graffiti Moon', and if we're talking comics, I have to say Storm in mohawk mode from X-Men is definitely top of the list. (Yes, there's a list.) 

Jul 23,2014

Fangirl all you like! I do :)Snape? Interesting! Fictional crushes aren't always chiselled manly types (Hi, Four).I have a crush on Loki from the Thor movies. He's wicked but delightful!

Jul 22,2014
anonymous's picture
I have crushes on so many fictional characters it's hard to know where to start! I think my first crush had to be Jareth from the Labyrinth, because BOWIE, but I was also smitten with Hoggle due to his adorable devotion and oh so human/goblin confusion over what was right and what was easy. I also had a crush on Sarah simply because she was so sweet! More recently, I fell deeply in love with Banquo's son, Fleeance, whilst reading T. K. Roxborogh's "Banqou's Son" trilogy. On the theme of crushes on titular characters, after watching a NT:Live screening of Coriolanus I developed a crush on Tom Hiddleston's portrayal of said Caius Marcius Coriolanus in spite (read: because of) of his numerous character flaws and his inability to deal with the pressures of his society. And on the theme of characters played by Tom Hiddleston, anyone who says the don't currently have a crush on Loki of Asgard is clearly lying... ;P On the theme of attractive characters/villains of dubious morality, I have a crush on Snape. Yes, you read that correctly. Snape from the Harry Potter series is one that even I can't really work out why. I think it is based on a combination of the fact that he is clearly intelligent, morally complex and Alan Rickman's voice. Because I really should stop now, one last crush that I will share with you is my crush on Lara Croft of the Tomb Raider franchise (Games, Comics and Movies). She is a fantastic explorer and adventurer, who is thoroughly attractive! Enough of my fangirling... :) Bye now!

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