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Cover to cover

May 14,2012
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Let’s talk about covers. One thing I'll never be immune to is the moment when you first see the cover for your new book. It’s so weird, wild and wonderful to see someone else’s snapshot of the story, and what they think needs to be communicated to the reader.

Raw Blue just got a new cover because it’s coming out in the UK in August (so in summer over there). This is what it looks like:

 File 8865

And here’s the Australian one.

File 8602

Pretty different, hey?
The Australian cover was designed by Tony Palmer at Penguin, and you can read more about his process in designing it here.

When I saw the cover for Saltwater Vampires for the first time, I felt winded – and I mean that in a good way. I just loved the intensity of that blue-eyed stare. I finished my edits with the cover up above my desk. If I was working late at night, I'd have to turn it around because it would creep me out.

The designer was Marina Messiha of Penguin, and I think this brief proved Marina’s patience, because apparently she went through 70 different cover designs before it was decided that this was the one. SEVENTY. If you want to read more about it, click here.

Marina also designed the cover for Night Beach, which has a lovely smoky, moonlight kind of look to it, and I think is perfectly suited to that story. 

Here are some other covers I like, in no particular order. One makes me laugh (not hard to guess which), but the others are arresting and/or beautiful. And I'm a sucker for pulp fiction style covers -  like the Dashiell Hammett. 

File 8870File 8885File 8882File 8879File 8876File 8873

How about you? Seen any good covers lately? Wanna share them?

Kirsty :)

Aug 16,2012
anonymous's picture
I think Marina Messiha is one of our most respected an gifted designers we have around. I love her work! Michelle Mckenzie
May 16,2012
Hey Danielle, I'm sorry - despite being warned, I obviously still haven't figured out the comments system! Agree with you completely on Melina's covers. Loved Froi especially, but also Quintana - so perfect for that character. You probably already know that Marina Messiha also did those (along with The Piper's Son). Have you seen the recent US The Piper's Son cover? The Golden Day - incredible book! I finished it by the light of my mobile in the back of a cab, because I couldn't stop reading it. Thanks for commenting!!! Kirsty :)
May 15,2012
anonymous's picture
I love all your Aussie covers, Kirsty - I got goosebumps when 'Night Beach' was revealed! And it's amazing how all your covers have been very representative and true to the stories. I'm also a big fan of Melina Marchetta's covers - the 'Lumatere Chronicles' are absolutely stunning, and I also loved 'The Piper's Son' (very cool that it's Pete Murray as Tom!). A recent cover I really loved was Ursula Dubosarsky's 'The Golden Day' - absolutely stunning, with that buttery yellow amidst the blue; beautiful. - Danielle Binks

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