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Hello + The Most Ridiculous Author Interview Ever (Seriously, Ever)

Jul 01,2014
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File 23013Why, hello there!

The name’s Tozer. Gabrielle Tozer. Come in, relax, take a seat… oh, you’re probably already sitting, aren’t you? Oops. Maybe I'm the one who needs to relax.

As you can tell, I’m a bit nervous. Shaking-in-my-UGG-boots nervous. Why? Well, I’ve found myself in territory where no journalist-turned-author has gone before (that may or may not be true, but why let the truth get in the way of a good story, am I right?)…

For my first Inside A Dog post, I’m going to interview myself.

*cue dramatic music*

Warning: the following post may not be safe for readers who cannot stomach a mighty dose of the ridiculous… and prizes. Yep, there is a prize at the bottom of the post, so hold on tight ’til the end for all the details. Here we go.

Q: Hi Gabrielle Tozer. You look splendid today. Have you just had a fringe trim?
A: Er, is that really your first question? And why are you full-naming me? I have had a fringe trim, but don’t you want to talk to me about my books or –

Q: Well, it looks great. Really disguises the fact you have an enormous pimple on your chin. So, um, tell us a little something about yourself.
A: Geez, I told you not to bring up the pimple! Now, what am I meant to say about myself? You already know everything. You’re me. Duh.

File 23019Q: *sigh* Okay, but perhaps you could share a tidbit or two about yourself and your books anyway? For the sake of the Inside A Dog readers?
A: Oh! Right. Sorry. The readers! Hi there, readers! I’m Gabrielle Tozer – most people call me Gabby – and I am a magazine journalist, chocoholic and the author of THE INTERN, a fun and big-hearted book with two magnificent monochrome covers (look, look how lovely they are!).

Q: They are lovely.
A: Yes, yes, they are. Anyway… THE INTERN came out earlier this year, so I’ve spent the past five months doing the media circuit, chatting with everyone from CLEO magazine, The Canberra Times and Triple J, to showing my mug on Weekend Today and Flamingo Pink. It’s been hectic but so much fun to share Josie Browning’s adventures with everyone!

Q: Well, thanks for squeezing us into your busy schedule.
A: No need to be sarcastic!

Q: Righto, righto, so what are you doing around these parts? Come here often?
I do! But this time I’ve actually been invited to take the Writer In Residence reins from the marvellous Melissa Keil for the month of July, so I’m really excited to talk all-things writing, reading, books, travel, chocolate and getting cheese in my hair with everyone.

Q: Cheese in your hair? That’s pretty gross.
A: Hey!

Q: And you do have peanut butter stains on your tracksuit.
A: First the pimple, now this? I’m on a deadline for my next book FAKING IT, okay? Cut me some slack on the tracksuit front! Being an author is tough. You may as well tell everyone I once wore a T-shirt back to front and inside out all day without even realising.

Q: But you did. And that’s ridiculous. In fact, this is the most ridiculous interview I’ve ever done. Can we call this off and tell people about our awesome competition instead?
A: If it shuts you up, then definitely. I've got a month of talking about writing with these awesome readers ahead - let's not scare them off! Now, pass me that slice of pizza, fill everyone in on the prize and let’s pretend this never happened. Deal? Deal.

(Also known as: The Competition You and Your Friends Should Definitely Enter)

Guys, as a thank you for sitting through The Most Ridiculous Author Interview Ever (Seriously, Ever), I’m giving away ONE signed copy of THE INTERN to a very lucky Inside A Dog reader!

To be in the running to win, simply come up with The Best, Most Unique Interview Question Ever. From ‘Which fictional character could you be best friends with?’ to ‘How many chocolate bars did you eat while writing THE INTERN?’, the more creative, the better!

At the end of my writer residency in July, I will pick a question from the comments below or my social media, answer it in my final post (which is shaping up to be epic, featuring the likes of Tristan Bancks, Melissa Keil, Sarah Ayoub, Tara Eglington and many more), and – here’s the best bit – send the winner a signed copy of THE INTERN.

So feel free to drop me your question or a note in the comments, or via Twitter, Facebook, Instagram or my website over the coming four weeks. Remember, you’ve got to be in it to win it, though… so get entering as many times as you like!

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