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Inky's Choice: Book Clubs

Oct 05,2012
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So we ran out of Inky Shortlisted books to tell you about :(

BUT never fear, there's always something happening on the dog.

In fact, I just joined a really fun book club: Book Nerds Anonymous

You should head on over and have a look. The first post is about re-re-re-reading books. You know, those books that you just want to jump straight back in to?

File 11211







What book is your most re-re-re-read book?

Oct 05,2012
Hey, that post is in the insideadog Book Club too! o.O *is confused* That being said, not many people are getting involved... I wish they would. I've always wanted to be a part of one, but I thought it would be more.... enthusiastic? :/

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