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Inky's Choice: Books to Screen

Jan 25,2013
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File 12779Does anyone else feel a little overwhelmed, but a lot excited by this year's line up of movies?

It's the year of the YA adaptions! Including, by the end of the year (21 November cannot come quickly enough!), the next Hunger Games instalment!

Let's all take a moment to silently thank Hollywood. *bows head*

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To assist in keeping you up-to-date and salivating for the next YA adaption, we have our Books on the Screen forum (with all the latest from the Hunger Games movie set).

One of my human colleagues started a rather awesome (if I do say so myself) Book Club: Book vs Films, with a chronological list of movies (based on books) being released this year. There's links to trailers, sneak peeks and information on how to book.

Come one; come all to the Book vs Film book club!

Feb 01,2013
Jan 27,2013

All up I found 10 YAesque book/comic adaptations coming out this year. And yes, a second Percy Jackson is among them! (And I'm totally counting Superman, Iron Man, Thor, & Wolverine among them too.)

I'm personally horrified by anything City of Bones, so British accents doesn't surprise me :/ Jase has one in the trailer (and the trailer is so painful it makes me want to cry). Maybe it's to make them exotic and sexy to the target American audience?? Who knows.

Jan 26,2013

Looking forward to the City of Bones movie (albeit with some trepidation... Apparently all the Shadowhunters in the movie will have British accents... Anyone else confused by why they'd do this?)

Isn't there a Percy Jackson movie coming out as well? Might inspire me to read the second book... Never did get around to reading it.

Can't forget about Superman, I know it isn't YA, or even a book, but still... SUPERMAN! Another not necessarily YA book adaptation is The Hobbit, first movie was brilliant, so I have high hopes for the second.

And of course the Hunger Games... November seems ages away!

Jan 25,2013

*runs off to sign up*

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