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Inky's Choice: the Brotherband series by John Flanagan

Feb 15,2013
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5 reasons (and more) to read the Brotherband series by John Flanagan:

1. It is fun. It's got Viking-like warriors, pirates, hunting, fighting, action, and swashbuckling adventure! *whew!*

2. It's also funny. LOL worthy, in fact.

3. Ever been picked last for a team? The Outcasts is the book for you! Brotherband is great at making you feel less alone in the world.

4. John.Freakin'.Flanagan. AKA, guy who wrote Ranger's Apprentice.
If you loved RA, you'll be pleased to know that Brotherband is set in the same world. (Although it focuses on Skandia rather than Araluen.)
And if you've never read RA (!!), Brotherband can be read by itself.

5. The first three books in the series follow the saga of Zavac the pirate - now you can read them all at once. Hurrah! Pesky cliffhangers begone! 

May 15,2013
anonymous's picture

that was AWSOME :)

Feb 26,2013

Thanks @ambivalence and @Daydreamer... and hopefully the next book will be out soon!

@Anonymous - Hmmm... I like them both so much I'm not sure which series I like best! What do you like better about Ranger's Apprentice?

Feb 26,2013
anonymous's picture

i own all three of the books and i am nearly finished the third but i must say its still not as good as rangers apprentice

Feb 18,2013

Aw, I've read these ones. ^^ I agree with all the above praise and warmly second the recommendation. :)

@ ambivalence - you know me well. ^^

Feb 15,2013

MWAHAHA. Sara's going to love you for this one ^_^ And I agree - those are all wonderful reasons for reading them x)

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