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Inky's Choice: A Confusion of Princes by Garth Nix

Apr 26,2013
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5 reasons to read A Confusion of Princes by Garth Nix:

1. Sciiience fiction! Oh yeah! Sing it with me now!
You want spaceships, super-humans, and creepy alien races? Tick, tick, and TICK.

2. Brilliant world-building. Nix has created an entire galaxy for the future of humanity to play in. It's rich in detail, laden with fun tek[nology], and is even linked to an online game (currently in beta-stage).

3. Action! You can't have creepy alien races, super-humans, and new technology without some exciting battles now, can you?
Also: the main character, Prince Khemri, is very literally fighting for his chance to be the next Emperor.

4. Haddad. He's Prince Khemri's Master of Assassins, and he's as amazing as his title suggests.

5. It's a stand alone book. No series. No waiting aaaages to find out what happens next. This is all of it, right here.




PS - Garth will be joining me as May's Writer in Residence! It will be your chance to ask him any questions about A Confusion of Princes. Or the Abhorsen series. Or The Keys to the Kingdom series. Or what it's like to be such an amazing writer.

Apr 29,2013

Wow this book looks familiar. o.o I'm sure I've seen/heard of i before. It doesn't sound like something I'd usually read but that kind of makes it more interesting. x)

Apr 26,2013

I've seen this at the bookshop a few times, and have almost bought it almost whenever I've seen it. I'm a fan of Mister Monday, which is unfortunately the only book of the Keys to the Kingdom series I've read (I'll read the rest... someday...), and also a collection of his short stories that I found at the library once.

Looking forward to him being the Writer In Residence next month! 

Apr 26,2013

Oh, oh, oh, #5 ALONG with alll this action-y awesome? Yes please. And it just seems so strange to hear about princes in a sciencey, futuristic, alien setting... curiosity piqued.

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