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Inky's Choice: Favourite Quotes from Books

Nov 23,2012
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Who else falls in love with particular quotes from books? Are you an underliner, a highlighter, or a dog-earer?

TriSARAHtops has started a great discussion in the Forums about favourite quotes from books.

I personally cannot bring myself to mark any book, so I keep my own notebook. Here is a recent page:

File 12235

It is a quote from Maggie Stiefvater's The Raven Boys. I love her deft and quirky characterisation...

"From his father, Gansey had gotten a head for logic, an affection for research, and a trust fund the size of most state lotteries. From their father, the Lynch brothers had gotten indefatigable egos, a decade of obscure Irish music instrument lessons, and the ability to box like they meant it."

What are some of your favourite quotes? Let us know over in the forum.

Aug 14,2014
anonymous's picture

"Aquamarine is a wonderful color, and i won't be made to feel bad for wearing it."

Nov 29,2012
I think I should start a journal again because I used to keep one but I did end up copying everything. :)
Nov 27,2012
*High-five* @ambivalence! Anonymous - yes, it can certainly be hard to choose favourites! I tend to only write down favourite quotes that can "stand alone" (ie make sense even outside the context of the book.) But I often still write down a lot!
Nov 26,2012
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My father suggested that idea to me once, of keeping a journal with quotes that stand out when you read a book. Apparently he used to do it too, but I feel like if I started copying out quotes, I'd just end up rewriting whole books. It's just too difficult to choose favourites sometimes. >.<
Nov 23,2012
ZOMG, HIGH-FIVE! 'Cause I do the same thing. Other than continuously liking quotes on Goodreads, I have a little book where I write my absolute favourite quotes/scenes. I might just walk over to that forum right there....

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