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Inky's Choice: Holiday reading

Dec 28,2012
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Is there anything better than relaxing with a good book in the holiday season? Your belly full of pudding, your feet up on the couch, and maybe even a faithful pooch reading over your shoulder...

Here's 5(ish) books that are perfect holiday reading:

1. The Hobbit, by JRR Tolkien
Because holidays should always be about adventures. And dragons. Also, the movie has just come out in Australian cinemas.

2. The Harry Potter series, by JK Rowling
Because nothing screams Christmas like the Weasley family.

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3. Fire in the Sea, by Myke Bartlett
Because it's a summer at the beach unlike any you've ever read. 

4. Anna and the French Kiss, by Stephanie Perkins
Because every good holiday should involve some international romance.

5. Anything by Terry Pratchett
Because laughter is important.

What books are on your reading pile these holidays?

Jan 02,2013
@MadeleineTherese What good taste you have ;) If you check out the other titles, let us know what you think of them!
Jan 01,2013
ANYTHING Terry Pratchett is worth reading. Tolkien is fantastic, and can be read anytime, and Harry Potter? 'Nuff said. The title says it all. 3 and 4 are new to me- But I'll check 'em out- just for the fun of it. :)
Dec 28,2012
"Here comes Winnie the Pooh, bump bump bump down the stairs on the back of his head." That line always made me giggle, but I never laugh about people reading the book, @Daydreamer :) (Also, I am amazed and impressed about The Silmarillion being on your pile.). @Anonymous - Ooh, Every Day! That's one on my list that I haven't read yet. What did you think of it? @ambivalence - more for the pile? ;)
Dec 28,2012
D'aw, cute doggie picture, and just because you recommended HP, I feel inclined to read the rest of these books ^^
Dec 28,2012
... That first part is exactly what I spent the past two days doing. Faithful pooch incluced. x) And I think since my holidays started a month ago, I've read around 15 books (maybe more?), but instead of my pile decreasing it's just getting bigger. I have remaining Silmarillion, The Hobbit (rereading for the movie), Lord of the Rings, Oscar Wilde's book (a kind of collection of his writing), Casual Vacancy, Winnie the Pooh (don't laugh), Third Wish, school book, a Dan Brown book I saw in my father's study, and The Bridge on the Drina- novel prize winning book in literature. Wow that list is longer than I thought, and it only includes the books I have access to... o.o
Dec 28,2012
anonymous's picture
Read and reread everything except 3 and 4 on your list. Just finished David Levithan's Every Day and the Ford Street title Riggs Crossing, which I really must sit down and review. About to read Earthfall, the first non-HIVE novel by Mark Walden. So many books, so little time!

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