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Inky's Choice: InkyFest

Oct 26,2012
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What a glorious week it has been - we've spent several days celebrating the 2012 Inky Awards. Inky is the proudest pup this side of the sea and, well, it's almost become unbearable. First, he wanted a red bow-tie for the event. Then, he started insisting on being carried everywhere. Now, he wants me to put up all these photos of his special event...

InkyFest 2012

Em Bailey couldn't attend to accept her award for Shift, as she's all the way on the other side of the sea, in Germany. But she sent Inky a special video:

File 11682

Rhiannon Hart (author of the longlisted Blood Song) and Leanne Hall (author of the shortlisted Queen of the Night) talked about their books:

File 11688

There was a great behind-the-scenes discussion from judges Danielle Binks, Nicole, and Joe:

File 11696

Silvermay (winner of the 2011 Gold Inky) was brought to life in a Bookgig performance:

File 11692

And James Moloney, superstar-author of Silvermay and 2012 Inkys Judge, was there too!

File 11704

You can see more photos of Inky and the InkyFest events over on the inside a dog facebook page.

Oct 29,2012
Ambivalence, If you email us at, we will be able to give you a list of events that happen in your state. :)
Oct 26,2012
O_O I gotta get myself to one of these events someday. It looks like so much fun.

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