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Inky's Choice: Just One Day by Gayle Forman

Jan 18,2013
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5 reasons to read Just One Day by Gayle Forman: 

File 127501. Gayle Forman. Gayle Forman. You know - writer extraordinaire, longlisted for a little thing called the Inky Awards in 2009 (for If I Stay), and then shortlisted for the Inky Awards in 2011 (for Where She Went).

2. Paris! City of mystery, of enchantment, of the finest- oh, wait. That's Agrabah. But still! There's no shortage of love for Paris, and this book will take you there - down romantic laneways and into quirky arrondissements, in just one day that you'll wish would last forever.

3. While the romantics will love that one day, this is also a book about what happens after. It is a book about losing yourself and finding yourself:

'You're just trying on different identities... And the people we pretend at, they're already in us. That's why we pretend them in the first place.'

4. It does Shakespeare in a way that's fun and unconventional. Just what the bard ordered.

5. It features macarons. (Who doesn't love treats?)

Jan 22,2013

@Inky and daydreamer

Macarons are not macaroons! :O I have been enlightened. I also found this quote that I think may be relevant here:

<i>Yeah exactly, you can’t understand something that you’ve never gone through. I can tell you it’s hot in the desert but until you’ve been to the desert you don’t know exactly what I mean. I can tell you sushi is delicious and explain the taste but unless you’ve had it, your mind can’t conceptualize it and your mouth can’t remember its taste. People forget that. They think that imagining something is the same as living it or feeling it. The emotions and time that goes into living are lost on those that only live vicariously through others… or think they do anyway.</i>

Donno who said it, but 'twas on the internet, and I guess... that says it all. I'm going to Paris to eat macarons-not-macaroons, so that I can tell my grandchildren that I have lived. One day ^_^ Perhaps this is where you and I, Inky, go on our epicus-novel-worthy-road-trip.....

Jan 21,2013

@Adele - thanks, I haven't actually read many books about Paris, I just loved the city when I went there. x) Will certainly keep my eyes open for it.

@Jordi - I'm thinking that if both you and Inky loved the book, it must be worth a read.

@ambivalence - Exactly. You haven't lived. Go add 'try a macaron' on your to-do list. :P

Jan 21,2013

@daydreamer If you like reading about Paris I would totally recommend 'Anna and the French Kiss'.  While there is romance, it's more about friendship and finding your footing in a foreign place.

Jan 21,2013

*gurgle* *gasp* Never had a macaron! They are amazeballs! An explosion of flavour packed into a light fluffy little biscuit. I'm only sad they don't come in cat flavour.

Usually I'd say reading totally counts, but when it comes to treats... books just don't taste quite the same.

The words get swapped about a bit, but macarons are supposed to be those colourful, delicious little biscuits with creamy stuff sandwiched between them, while macaroons are chunky coconutty things. And if anyone tries to tell you otherwise, send them here:

(Today's lesson in treats has been proudly brought to you by the letter Inky, and the number yum.)

Jan 20,2013

I've yet to try macaro[o?]ns - I think it's another example of how I haven't 'lived'. I wonder if reading about them counts o.O

Jan 20,2013
@Daydreamer - I'm generally not a fan of romance books either, but I also enjoyed Just One Day. (It focuses a lot on the main character leaving home and starting uni.)
Jan 19,2013
I like the vibe from this book. ^^ I don't know which point exactly appealed to me, seeing as I've never heard of Gayle Forman, nor am I fond of romances- but Paris is lovely as are macrons. ^^ Plus it's always nice to know who you are. x)

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