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Inky's Choice: Living with Jackie Chan by Jo Knowles

Aug 30,2013
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Hello Inkyites!

Don't Fridays feel amazing? This Friday feels particularly amazing because Inky's Choice this week is one of my favourite books of this year - Living with Jackie Chan by Jo Knowles. 

5 Reasons to Read Living with Jackie Chan.

File 165711. Jo Knowles is an amazing author. She's even made it on to the 2013 Inky Awards Shortlist with her book See You at Harry's, which is also amazing!

2. Living with Jackie Chan is a companion to Jumping Off Swings. Never fear if you haven't read Jumping Off Swings, it's one of those books that you don't need to have read the first book to understand or appreciate what's going on. However, if you have read Jumping Off Swings, and want to revisit the world and the characters you fell in love with, you can!

3. Living with Jackie Chan is about new beginnings. It's about striving to be a better person. I feel like they're are not enough books like that. 

4. Larry, our protagonist's uncle, is one of the kindest, funniest, best adults in fiction I've ever come across. His care and warmth leap off the page, and wrap you in the best hug you could ever imagine.

5. It deals with some pretty heavy issues, but throughout there's laughter. A pretty great combination if you ask me.

May 07,2014
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Sep 07,2013

I agree with #3 and I think I haven't read enough books of the kind. ^^ So perhaps I'll remember this book should I ever stumble across it. x)

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