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Inky's Choice: Machine Wars by Michael Pryor

Aug 29,2014
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3 reasons to read Machine Wars by Michael Pryor: 

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1. Is it wrong that if the end of the world is going to look like this, I kinda wanna bring it on? Super-smart, killer robots made out of your everyday appliances. Michael Pryor makes annihilation look fun with a great mix of action and wit.

2. Because the world needs more heroes like Bram - a fourteen year old boy whose specialty is cartoon voices.

3. And because I want Bob, sarcastic duck (yes, you read that right) and side-kick extraordinaire, to be my best friend. (Are you there, Bob?)

Sep 03,2014

We'd have the best adventures!

Aug 30,2014
anonymous's picture

Inky with a sarcastic duck side-kick. Sounds perfect to me.

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