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Inky's Choice: Mandragora by David McRobbie

Jan 31,2014
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3 reasons to read Mandragora by David McRobbie:

File 181011. In ye olde times, before Bieber and Maklemore, even further back to the times when mobile phones were the size of bricks, there was this magical book of awesomeness. It combines historical, paranormal and contemporary storytelling in one glorious mash of delicious.  You'll want more.

2. Adam may be the protagonist and our eyes into the world of Dunarling but Catriona will be the one that will win your heart and make you want to make a fictional character your BFF.

3.  It has a lot going on but it does it all exceptionally. Can I intrigue you? A girl and a boy; a tale told in two separate timelines, wherein a bitter curse is wreaked upon four mandrake dolls. These dolls play with the minds and lives of a seaside town’s residents, and form the centre of a legacy that overshadows them all. Intrigued?

Jan 31,2014

Sounds interesting... 

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