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Inky's Choice: New Guinea Moon by Kate Constable

Mar 22,2013
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Five reasons to read New Guinea Moon by Kate Constable:

1. For the exotic, tropical setting - New Guinea - a land of seething clouds and impenetrable mountains, safe places, fragile walls, wildness and danger. (Those are Kate's words. Aren't they beautiful? She really brings a foreign landscape to life.)

2. It's also set in 1974 (back when it was 'New Guinea' rather than 'Paupa New Guinea' as we know it today), and gives fascinating insight into a country on the threshold of independence.

3. Has your Mum ever driven you nuts with all these ideas and expectations about who you are and what you should be? Julie (the main character) knows your pain. Her mother has made her so frustrated that she escaped overseas to meet her long-absent Dad.

4. Summer lovin'... It wouldn't be an overseas holiday without a romance (or two) now, would it?

5. The ending!

Mar 25,2013

Wow, love the cover. x) Seems promising.

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