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Inky's Choice: Pureheart by Cassandra Golds

Aug 02,2013
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5 Reasons to read Pureheart by Cassandra Golds.

It's so good I read it cover to cover (in one sitting) and then started from the start again. Yep. I loved it that much.

File 160831. 'A literary, supernatural thriller for young adults, retelling, in part, the romantic legend of Sir Galahad.' It's a book based on Arthurian legend. Let's all take a moment to say WAHOO!

2. Cassandra Golds has such a beautiful way with words: very lyrical and poetic.

3. I don't want to give too much away - plot spoilers and all that - but there's this terribly heart-wrenching scene half way through the book that literally changes the entire fabric of the story. My mind was blown.

4. At it's very heart this is a story about a quest for love and acceptance, and a journey to freedom.

5. Cassandra Golds is a mesh of Sonya Hartnett, Neil Gaiman and Patrick Ness. If you're a fan of one (or all) of those authors I think you'll like Cassandra Golds, and in particular Pureheart.

Aug 05,2013

Woah, if a book is so good you not only read it in one go, but then start again, that's an amazing compliment. I think that's reason enough to check it out. x)

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