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Inside the Kennel Exclusive: Courtney Summers

Sep 13,2013
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To help you choose which amazing book you should vote for in this year's Inky Awards, we'll be getting to know a little bit more about the authors behind them. Today it's my great pleasure to introduce Courtney Summers, Canadian, gamer, and author of This is Not a Test...

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What is your book about?

This is Not a Test is about a girl who decides to end her life the day of the zombie apocalypse. In the ensuing chaos, she ends up trapped in her high school with a group of people who actually want to survive--and is forced to see the apocalypse through their eyes. 


How did you decide what type of zombie to use in This is Not a Test?

I love running zombies a whole lot. Zombies are bad enough, but if they can run, they're even worse!

One of the deciding factors--besides just plain liking them--was that the fall of Cortege (the town in This is Not a Test) takes place relatively quickly. I don't think slow moving zombies could have inspired that level of chaos in or around twenty-four hours.


What’s your zombie survival plan?

Make lots of friends and then use them as bait. But don't tell my friends I said that. That is a horrible answer. (But I'm practical! Stay with me if you want to die, but want me to live!)


File 16736Any game recommendations?

Zombie or otherwise?  Because if it's zombies, Left 4 Dead 2 is my go-to. I love how it's just constant running, trying to survive and the character banter is wonderful.
Non-zombie, Half-Life 2 (love it) is so absorbing, with a great female main character. Portal and Portal 2 are so clever and fun. BioShock Infinite is my favourite of the BioShock franchise and it blew me away--just an incredible game, fantastic world-building and holds up on replay. Alan Wake is a great horror game and it looks beautiful. L.A. Noire broke my heart and features the kind of characters I want to write. These are my absolute favourites.


If you won the Silver Inky Award you would…

I feel words have failed to express how thrilled I was to make the longlist and then the shortlist, so if I won the Silver Inky, I would have to invent a word or words to adequately get across how excited and honoured I would be.  :)


Want This is Not a Test  to win the 2013 Silver Inky Award? Cast your vote!

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