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Inside The Kennel Exclusive: Daniel Handler and Leanne Hall

Oct 10,2012
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File 11304File 11307Queen Leanne Hall and Sir Daniel Handler duel for 'funniest response' in this next edition of Inside The Kennel. On the one hand Leanne said that there will be dancing, on the other Daniel will have a party. Decisions, decisions.

Do you have a favourite? Vote now before time runs out!

Leanne Hall

My Inky shortlisted title is... Queen of the NightFile 11289

In one sentence, it is about...  mornings after, broken hearts, boys that don’t call, beautiful-creepy plants that grow in the dark, trying to recreate the past, moving on, lucid dreaming, egomaniacal doctors...and more!

If I was a KIDD sugar junkie I would be... addicted to The Natural Confectionary Company Dinosaurs (they have to be dinosaurs, no other shape will do).

If I lived in Shyness I would be... a tattooist specialising in glow-in-the-dark tattoos.

My Shyness name would be... Vespertine.

My favourite character in Queen of the Night is... oh really? You’re asking me to have a favourite?! It’s a toss-up between Amelia (because she gets to be so blunt) or Diana (because she gets to be as fanciful as she likes).

The life of a book is... mysterious – you write them, and then they’re set free in the wild like bottled messages thrown in the ocean

The dog has eaten my manuscript when... I haven’t been paying her enough attention. She also likes to sit on my laptop for the same reason.

If I were to write a novel with Inky it would... be a very dour Russian-style epic featuring the trials and hardships of a pack of dogs. It would be heavy on canine existential torment.

If I were to win the Gold Inky Award I would... do a highly unco `happy dance’

Daniel Handler

My Inky shortlisted title is... Why We Broke Up.File 11291

In one sentence, it is about... two high school students who meet at a party, see a movie, follow an old woman, plan a party, share a hotel room and break each other’s hearts.

I wrote a break up book because... literature is, like love, a dream of a better place.

Maria Kalman illustrations are... luminous and digressive.

My high school breakup was... a yearly event and never my idea.

Movies and books go together like... ginger ale and won ton soup.

The life of a book is... neglected on shelves.

The dog has eaten my manuscript when... I was busy mixing cocktails for friends. 

If I were to write a novel with Inky it would be... short and untranslatable.

If I were to win the Silver Inky Award I would buy... champagne for the other nominees so we might toast the glory of literature.


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