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Inside The Kennel Exclusive: Em Bailey

Oct 13,2012
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File 10652The end?! Oh you know how I feel about endings! 

Just one more day left to vote, so get your voting hats on and go, go, go!


Em Bailey

My Inky shortlisted title is... Shift.File 11289

In one sentence, it is about... a new girl at a suburban high school who appears to have the ability to ‘latch on’ to other people, becoming more and more like them while they themselves begin to wither away.

My doppelganger is... Edward Norton (at least, I’ve been told I could pass for his sister).

If I could be anybody it would be... someone who was really, really focussed and self-disciplined and who wasn’t constantly distracted by blogs and videos of cats being cute.

My twist on shape-shifter mythology came from... watching a group of identically-dressed teenage girls in the Bourke St mall who all had the same laugh and the same gestures.

The unreliable narrator was fun to write because... you can use it to make your readers really question who they should trust.

The life of a book... is dull if it’s stuck at home on a shelf, but much more exciting if it gets to go on holidays with you.

The dog has eaten my manuscript when... I have run out of all other excuses for why I haven’t finished the latest draft of whatever I’m working on.

If I were to write a novel with Inky... it would take a lot longer than writing it with Computery.

If I were to win the Gold Inky Award... I would instantly start hyperventilating, then pass-out, come to, laugh, cry, do a spontaneous and embarrassing dance, make a long, rambling speech in which I would forget to thank anyone, accept a glass of champagne and accidentally spill it down my front, then start hyperventilating all over again.

Oct 13,2012
I love your response to what you'd do if you would win xD

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