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Inside The Kennel Exclusive: Kelly Gardiner and Laini Taylor

Oct 11,2012
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File 11310File 11313There's only 83 hours, 8 minutes and 48 seconds left to vote? What? Where did all the time go!?!?! (Reading probably!)

Our next two authors have great place and setting in their novels. Venice or Prague anyone? Are you, like me, green with envy?

Kelly Gardiner

My Inky shortlisted title is... Act of FaithFile 11289

In one sentence, it is about... freedom, friendship, subversion, adventure – and lots of books.

If I could be any philosopher in history, I would be... Hypatia, except for the bit where she gets killed by an angry mob – and except for the fact that I can't even add up properly, let alone develop complex mathematical formulae.

The Sum of All Knowledge is...42. Or, in the world of Act of Faith, the greatest and most radical encyclopaedia the world has ever known.

My favourite country that Isabella visited was...Italy. Venice [sigh].

If the Spanish Inquisition came, the book I would save would be...on my shelves they'd find many  prohibited books, but I guess I'd have to save the Harry Potter series – the most banned books of the last decade.

The life of a book is... eternal. I hope.

The dog has eaten my manuscript when...right about now, when the sequel to Act of Faith is due at the publishers.

If I were to write a novel with Inky it would be... 'How to rule your owner without them even noticing.'

If I were to win the Gold Inky Award I would... faint.


Daughter of Smoke and Bone by Laini Taylor

My Inky shortlisted title is... Daughter of Smoke & BoneFile 11291

In one sentence, it is about... a young art student with a peculiar secret life -- as errand girl to a monster – finding herself caught up in a brutal, otherworldly war. And um, also falling in love. (It’s an impossible book to describe in one sentence!)

 Folklore and mythology is... my greatest inspiration -- a vast flea market to plunder for ideas. Most of the books on my office shelves are folklore.

Prague was a great setting because... it’s a magical place that manages to conjure a dark fairy-tale atmosphere while still being real. I went there with my husband eight or nine years ago to research a book we didn’t end up writing, and so I’d spent nine days walking around, dreaming of it as a setting, and I finally got to use it.

Karou is... wish-fulfilment. I want to be able to draw and fight and speak dozens of languages too. I want a necklace of scuppies and a doorway that opens to cities around the world! I want an apartment in Prague and to not have to dye my hair!

If Brimstone provided me one wish (at the expense of my teeth, of course) it would be... long life for myself and my loved ones. There is just not enough time to do All the Things. I want more! I think this is what most people would use a bruxis for. That, or the ability to eat as much cheese as they want and not gain weight … which I would only wish for if I had two bruxises. Bruxii?


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