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Meet the 2013 Inky Awards Judges: Christopher

Jul 05,2013
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Meet Chris. 14. Wizard. Gamemaker. Blogger. Shadowhunter. Professional Ninja. Inky Awards Judge.
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Chris, what was your favourite book as a child?

My mum tells me that the book I loved most had a cat in it, but she can’t remember the name. But after that, there is Poppleton (fat pig with a quirky life), and the beautiful Edward the Emu.

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What's a book that made you cry?

Well, last years Silver Inky winner was a shocker, The Fault in Our Stars made me cry like a little baby. It was horrible.*SPOILER*

Why did he have to die? WHY, JOHN GREEN? WHY?


A book that made you laugh?

Laugh? Hmm. Now this is a tricky one. A humorous book? I always loved those Morris Gleitzman and Paul Jennings books, Wicked and Deadly. They were absolutely gross but usually I found them really funny.


What are you currently reading?File 15573File 15576

Reading? Oh yeah, that! I just finished reading the first two books in 'Team Angel Recon', Assault and Task Force, and am about ¾ through Magician by Raymond E. Fiest.


What’s your favourite reading place?

I am partial to the big hammock we have on our veranda. But I also love a nice big cosy bed with pillows surrounding me, tucked in and all warm. Wearing my spectacular Dragon Onesie (Yes, I know, it is amazing). [! Pic pls.]


Who is the author you’d most like to meet? (Living or dead.)

I’d love to meet heaps of authors, and some of the authors I love I’ve seen at book signings, but my favourites would probably be: Stephen King, Raymond E. Fiest, John Flanagan, and Christopher Paolini.


Favourite book-to-film adaptation?File 15558File 15562

My favourite book to film adaptation would have to be the Lord of The Rings Trilogy, followed closely by the Harry Potter series. LOTR was made most precisely, and I love it when they hit medieval high fantasy the right way when adapting it to a movie.

On a quiz show, your special subject would be: 

Gosh. My special subject? What? Just one?!?! HARRY POTTER! I know most about Harry Potter, more than anything else!


And what are you generally doing when you're not reading?

Are you implying that I am not always reading? How da-! Okay, I’ll be nice. I suppose I love writing stories, obsessing over Tumblr, and watching murderous crime shows such as Criminal Minds.

Aug 06,2013
anonymous's picture

As are you ambivalence!

Jul 05,2013

Dragon onesie? Harry Potter expert? Favourite childhood  book had a cat in it? Dude, you are made of awesome x)

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