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Meet the 2013 Inky Awards Judges: Laura

Jun 28,2013
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Laura is always really busy, but at the moment she's even busier, reading all 20 Inky Award longlisted books as one of this year's judges. Laura loves reading, performing and talking to friends.


File 15420So, Laura, what was your favourite book as a child?

Atticus the Storyteller's 100 Greek Myths.


What's a book that made you cry?

Every Day by David Levithan.


A book that made you laugh?

This is What Happy Looks Like by Jennifer E. Smith.


What are you currently reading?

The Originals by Cat Patrick. [Oooh! One of my longlisted titles!]

File 15427File 15424


What’s your favourite reading place?

On my bed.


Who is the author you’d most like to meet? (Living or dead.)

Kristin Cashore.


Favourite book-to-film adaptation?

The Perks of Being a Wallflower.File 15431File 15434


On a quiz show, your special subject would be: 

Greek mythology.


And what are you generally doing when you're not reading?

Trampolining or trapeze. [!! Trapeze! Wow. *is jealous*]

Jul 12,2013
anonymous's picture

Every day was ridiculously depressing, but beautiful.

Have you read the Statistical Probability of Love at First Sight? It was also super cute.

I just bought the originals. Hope its good.

I would kill to be Kasta. She is so pro.

Lets face it the movie Perks of Being a Walflower was better than the book.

Jun 28,2013

:O Trapeze! Whoa. Woww.

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