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Name My Gnome and Win a Prize! (Also:Hi!)

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Hi! I'm Courtney Summers and I'm the writer in residence for the month of February! That's awfully exciting for me because the only residence I've ever been a writer in is the house I live in and it's not really the same thing. Or maybe it's exactly the same thing, since I'm the writer in residence for the month of February, here, Inside a Dog, typing from the house I live in? It's awesome, in any case, and I'm thrilled to be here.

I'm the author of several books for young adults, one of which is This is Not a Test, which was up for the Inky Shortlist last year. At the risk of overusing the words 'exciting,' 'awesome,' and 'thrilled'--well. That was a very exciting and awesome moment for me and I was thrilled. I've been a long admirer of the Inky awards and it one of the nicest parts of my 2013.

I live in Canada (cold!) and I am obsessed with zombies--This is Not a Test is a zombie novel--because what is not to love about zombies? Though I would not advise loving them romantically because that would likely end badly. For the zombie. Hopefully. My favourite zombie movie is Night of the Living Dead because beside popularizing the zombie genre, look at this guy:

File 18087

I just think he's great.

I love playing video games too and some of my favourites have zombies in them (like Left 4 Dead 2) which always makes me happy. I also love books (zombie books are great!) and writing (do I mention the zombie book I wrote here again?) and when I am not writing, I like to take photographs (one day, maybe of zombies?). I also like to cook and invent recipes. I spent the last fifteen minutes trying to find a way to work zombies into the food part of my introduction but just didn't manage it. Maybe it's for the best?

I also have a zombie garden gnome!

File 18090

I also have a survivor gnome and he keeps the zombie gnome in line.
File 18093

The zombie gnome's name is Gnome Chompski, which I think is brilliant but cannot take credit for, as it's the name of a garden gnome in Left 4 Dead 2. I have been thinking lately that the survivor needs a name and what better opportunity than to ask Inside a Dog blog readers for help. Does anyone have any suggestions on what I should call Survivor Gnome? I will send a signed copy of my latest release, What Goes Around (a 2-in-1 bind-up of my first two books) and some signed bookmarks to whoever thinks up the name I like best!

File 18096

I will announce the winner and Survivor Gnome's new name in my last post, toward the end of the month, so you have until then to head over to Win Stuff where you can fire off as many suggestions as you like--I hope you will!

Feb 16,2014
anonymous's picture

How am I just seeing this? Cute zombie gnome Courtney! How about naming the non-zombie Tallahassee after the badass survior from zombieland? (and give him a tragic but touching backstory.) -cate

Feb 06,2014

@ambivalence:  Thank you!  That's so kind of you to say.  I'm thrilled you've enjoyed my books.  AND!  HOW DID YOU KNOW I LIKED ZOMBIES?  Just a really good guesser, huh?  ;)  I agree with you that gnome naming is srs business--that's why I passed off the pressure onto you guys.  Makes it easier on me!  ;)

@Diem:  Thank you so much!  I hope if you read them you enjoy them, and thank you so much for the name suggestion :)

Feb 04,2014

Hi Courtney, I have not yet read your books but they sounds great and I will definitely try and find a copy of them from my school library. 

I think the Gnome should be called Puzzle. 

Feb 04,2014


I've read some of your books!! I LOVED THEM ALL!

And you're funny :) I think you're having a case of writer-in-residenception. And I'm not quite sure if this is right, but I'm getting the vibe you like zombies? Just a bit?

x) I really want that book, but I think I have to mull over this problem a little more. Naming gnomes is a pretty deep issue. I'll get back to you ^_^


Feb 02,2014

@TriSARAHtops:  (AWESOME username, btw!)  I can't believe it's February, either!  Thank you so much for reading TINAT.  I'm so hapy to hear that you enjoyed it.  I'm looking forward to posting and talking to you all :)  My gnomes thank you for the compliment.  ;)

@Little Willow:  Thank you!!!  From all of us :)

@Anon:  Thanks for submitting a name!!! 

Feb 01,2014

Hello! Is it seriously February already? o.o

I really enjoyed This is Not a Test - it's one of my 'read in an afternoon' books. :-)

Looking forward to reading your posts this month, and I wish I had a garden gnome like Gnome Chompski and friend, they're awesome!

Feb 01,2014
anonymous's picture

Congrats, Courtney! (and your little gnome, too!)

- Little Willow


Feb 01,2014
anonymous's picture

Greg :D

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