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Dec 31,2013
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2013, your funeral is on its way. I love fireworks and I love arbitatry countdowns, so this is a night for me.

It’s almost time for my tenure at Inside A Dog to end; in the final words of the tenth Doctor:

It's just like the ending of a good book! Hopefully there's been enjoyment in the journey, but parting is not the sweetest of sorrows (sorry Mr Shakespeare) and I'm not quite ready for it to end. I feel the time has gotten away from me, I’m afraid. With Christmas and New Year’s and that holiday purgatory in between, summer and the start of holidays have made for a distracting concoction.

To conclude my time as resident here, I thought I'd write just a little about goals. The end of the year always brings with it new promises and resolutions for the time ahead. Here are mine:

Next year, I will better keep to my daily word counts as my writer’s resolution. I will not let my creativity be stoppered; writer’s block is only a wall of wool and cobweb, not concrete and mithril. I will have a completed manuscript by Autumn, which many people are excited to see. I will purchase more books. I will write about even more women and avoid the Strong Female Character trope. My characters will be more diverse. I will be less hard on myself.

If you are a writer, here are some things I suggest you include in your goals:

Find what is strangest about you and then draw it out like blood - you are not boring, so don’t let your prose be. Lend your worst habits and your best traits to your characters. Don't ever be afraid to put anything on that page. Nothing is too dark for YA. Nothing is too intense for YA. Readers of young adult and clever, wordly and reflective. You must be too.

Some words for readers:

Don’t finish books when you’re struggling to simply move ahead. Don’t rush yourself. Don't speed-read when you can savour the text. Read what ever the hell you want. Read it in public with the cover unobscured, so that your passions aren’t hidden and so strangers can know what’s making you smile or sob just so. Consider signing up to 2014’s Australian Women Writers challenge, and set yourself a goal to read as many books by local ladies as you can.


Read more fairytales. Comment on more online forums. Pat more dogs.

Goodbye for now, readers! Thank you for welcoming me! Alas, I can't leave you with a happy gif, since I'm so sad to go. This is the most appropriate representation of my feelings:



Jan 07,2014

Oops, that was me. Forgot to log back on. :-/

Jan 07,2014
anonymous's picture

Wow, there's sad and then there's gifs of David Tennant in the rain...

Each time I read the title of this post the song by Matt Corby of the same name gets stuck in my head. Then yesterday, while I had it stuck in my head, I turned on the radio and it came on. 

I don't really have much constructive to add, except I enjoyed reading your posts, and I'm looking forward to your next book. :-)

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