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Stacey L: What do you do when you're an Inky judge?

Nov 21,2011
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Being an Inky’s judge was a really rewarding experience for me. Not only did I get a hold of 20 free books (!), but I also got to help judge them.

I received my first pack of books in the school holidays and spent every spare moment I had over the next few months, reading them and comparing them with each other.

The Judging Panel, Kevin, Ian, Jack, Stef, Lucy, and myself plus Adele met up on Skype where we whittled the list of twenty down to ten. I think an advantage of our chat being online was that we had never met and were able to focus on our love for books. We went through the list finding some books that we all favoured and then had to work out which ones we liked the most out of the rest. 

The Creative Reading Responses were the next to judge. These were almost as hard for me to choose from, the standard was quite high and the entries were mostly comprised of short stories. Everybody did a really good job on their entries.

The InkyFest was on the 25th of November, to celebrate the winners of the Inky Awards and everyone there got to meet and listen to authors; Fiona Wood (Six Impossible Things), Tristan Bancks (Mac Slater series), Jane Higgins (The Bridge) and Penny Tangey (Loving Richard Feynman). A few schools attended the event including my own (Taylors Lakes Secondary College).

As a panel the other judges and I talked about our experience being a judge and just about everything else. Meeting the other judges for the first time was pretty cool, something that we had been anticipating for a long time.

I’d like to say thanks to Adele for organising everything, all the authors, and the students and teachers that came.  Thank you!


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