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A Tour of my Workspace

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I thought I'd share a look at my desk! It's messy, but most of the mess is stuff I reach for on a regular basis. 

Here's view number one:             

Stuff you can see in this photo:

  • My bulletin board. Full of reference, inspiration, art from fans.
  • Below that, a cardboard box full of fan letters. I need to answer these.
  • My laptop. This has my script on it, plus music, reference, email, and the inevitable Twitter.
  • Empty teacup number one.
  • Old photos. I'm working on a book about my sister and I when we were little, so, old family photos are helpful!
  • Pens. Brushes. Lip balm.
  • A bunch of old sketchbooks.
  • The paper (Bristol board) for the pages I'm drawing.
  • A necklace made of sculpey, of the happy face from the cover of Smile, made by my fans/friends!
  • Under the desk: an old monitor somebody gave me, that I haven't found a good use for yet.

And view number two:

  • The page I'm working on!
  • My pencil, eraser, and blue layout pencil.
  • More photos.
  • Full teacup.
  • Little IKEA desk lamp.
  • iPod speaker doc.
  • Empty teacup number two.
  • Used tissue. I've had pretty bad allergies this season!
  • Color wheel. I don't use this much anymore, but I like it.
  • Cup of water for rinsing my brushes.
  • Bin full of ink, thumbtacks, pencil sharpener, scissors, and miscellany.
  • Space heater, down below. My studio is badly insulated, and FREEZING in winter!
  • Outside the window: Queens, New York. My view is of a couple of parking spaces, a few trees, and the apartments across the way. There are a couple of stray cats that like to sit on top of my neighbors' cars, and I like watching them. The window faces west, so I get some pretty nice sunsets here.

I don't always work at my desk!

What about you? What things are essential to your workspace?

May 14,2013
anonymous's picture

wow that is quite messy but quality work  sure does come out of it

Apr 25,2013

Your desk seems like the organised kind of messy. Like you know where things are in the mess. And then when you clean it, it's like 'Argh! That thing used to be here, and now that the desk is "clean" I can't find it!' Oh, that only happens me? Okay.

Hehe, my desk is an absolute mess these days. Long, long ago, it used to be the only part of my room that was always clean.

My workspace is the table in the dining room right in the centre of the house. That way, I don't feel shut out and depressed when I'm studying 'cause I'm still around the family and I can still listen to them and be where things are happening. And as my mother likes a clean house, my workspace consists of only what I really need. Books and pencilcase. Sometimes a snack and a drink. x)

Apr 24,2013
anonymous's picture

My workspace includes:- my laptop- my daily journal- my audition journal- printed and handwritten pages of my work-in-progress- research related to my WIP- a pack of purple Post-Its- a pack of multi-colored index cards- a bulletin board where I map out my story beats and scenes- a pen of black ink (my current favorite happens to be adorned with Tinker Bell)- a huge mug of water

Apr 23,2013

I love your bulletin board ♥ So cute and ... well, inspirational. I imagine staring into all the randomness, and suddenly, LIGHTNING STRIKES.

As for my desk space... ehm. Well, I do use it for studying, and basically when I study, I just make sure I have everything I need to study for that subject, but other than that, it's just a place where things I like are. Like, I've got a little cupboard for my million and one sketchbooks, another one for my artsy stuff, and then my books on the three shelves, and... yeah. It's more of a storage space, I think, but a ... pleasing to the eye one ^_^

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