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What do you call a gathering of YA novelists?

May 25,2013
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I wonder what the collective noun is for a gathering of YA novelists? A "Wonder", perhaps? Hopefully not a "Murder", as with crows. Nor something as disappointing as a "Parliament", though I suspect a Parliament of owls would have more meaningful discussions than many human parliaments.

I ask this question not only for Reading Matters next week in Melbourne, where there will indeed be a Wonder of YA Novelists, but also because I am having dinner with a large number of said beasts . . . hmmm, better not say beasts . . . critters, no that doesn't sound very flattering . . . said people, this weekend. As I mentioned in an earlier post, one of the great side benefits of writers' festivals is that they bring lots of writers from all over the world to one place, and when that happens to be in my home city, this brings the opportunity of getting a bunch of writers together to have dinner.

What does a Wonder of YA Novelists talk about when it convenes? I shall report later, perhaps with a photograph. I suspect that the old adage will prove true: when beginning writers gather together they talk about the craft, when established writers get together they talk about the business.

We shall see what a Grist* of YA novelists will talk about . . .

*A collective noun for bees. Sounds kind of appropriate for writers, though.

Jun 17,2013
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A Distraction of YA novelists?

May 28,2013

A wonder of YA novelists sounds fitting. x) It makes me think of the whole creative, imaginative factor. ^^

May 27,2013

Interesting question, cute and... suitable? answer. A Wonder of YA Novelists. I sort've wouldn't mind the 'murder of...' somethings. Murder sounds so dark and mysterious and intriguing (: & thanks for answering my question on the other post; I like your answer ^_^

May 25,2013
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A convocation?

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