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Win Stuff - August AND September winner, October competition open

Oct 09,2012
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Oh boy, what happened? August AND September all in one go?

Lets embrace, shall we? Double the prizes!!

File 11280In August we asked which comic book superhero (or supervillain) would you be, and why? Now one thing I've learnt from this competition: you all love your comic book superheroes. Good for you!

The winning entry (for two books) was:

Definitely Ironman!!!!! I mean who doesn't want to be able to fly right? Zooming around in the sky and  I absolutely love traveling so instead of going in a crammed aeroplane you could just travel in your awesomely cool ironman suit!!! As well  as flying you also get cool robots which do everything for you. That would mean I would never have to wash another dirty plate every again!!!! YAY!

Congratulations! If this is your entry, we will be in touch.

File 10899In September we had a Throne of Glass themed competition and asked what would your weapon of choice be, and why? Wow, your answers were all so descriptive and inventive, and should any of you be assassins, know that I am truly scared for my life. 

The three winning entries (for a copy of Throne of Glass):

If I were an assassin, my weapon of choice would be blow darts dipped with curare, a muscle relaxant that causes death by paralysing the respiratory system, resulting in asphyxiation. This is because blow darts are small and discrete, and particularly effective if you do not wish to give away your location.

My weapon of choice would be a vicious little giraffe. It would be shocking enough to be carrying around a little giraffe in the first place to incapacitate the target, and if it was vicious, I could just sit back, watch and thumb through my victim's wallet.

If, by some divine miracle, I ever become an Assassin, the weapon of my choosing would, of course, be the bow and arrow. For one thing, I would be able to strike the target from a safe distance. And also because it could very well be an ordinary arrow that other people buy, so nothing could be learned about the Assassin, whereas with a knife or sword, information could be gleaned from the width and depth of the wound/s. Also, arrows (and bows, for that matter) can easily be crafted, unlike swords, which take more time and strength and resources. So there.

Congratulations! If one of these is your entry, we will be in touch.

File 11266

Our October competition is up on our Win Stuff page - this month we want to know what mythical creature would you be, and why?

Did I mention the winner will receive a signed copy of Shadows by Paula Weston (this month's Writer In Residence)? 

Oct 18,2012
anonymous's picture
asdfjkl; ♥ congratulations to everyone who won :) the effort was well worth it!
Oct 09,2012
Lawl, j'adore the vicious little giraffe ♥ Very clever. Congratulations :)

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