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Writers' Festivals

May 22,2013
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Sydney Writers' Festival is on again, with many great events and fascinating writers here for a week or so. It is rather like the circus coming to town, and I do think that there should be a parade of all the guests on elephant-back down George Street, and hucksters announcing the acts for the day every morning at Central Station. I suppose failing that, there is the website Check it out. Many of the events are free.

Unfortunately, due to the fact that I have at least three major things to finish before I head down to Melbourne on Wednesday next week for the fabulous all things YA festival Reading Matters, I doubt I will get to any Sydney Writers' Festival events this year. This is often the case, except when I am a guest and then have to go to at least my own events. May seems to be a major month for deadlines. Looking back, I think I have had a May deadline for a novel or a significant story every year since 1997. I feel tired just noting that . . .

Literary festivals can be very mixed events, but as with a genre or book category, you can't judge a whole festival by the worst single event. While I have occasionally been bored out of my mind at festivals, I have also listened to some extraordinary writers who have really made me think about everything, not just writing and reading. I have also met other writers who have become good friends, our paths intersecting at various festivals around the world. And I always enjoy seeing large numbers of people wanting to talk about books, to listen to authors and each other, to be passionate about reading and writing.

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