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Yesterday in Chocolate

Mar 22,2014
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1. After taking Charlie to school, I went to the supermarket to buy lettuce and bread.  Chocolate was on sale, so I got a couple.  


File 19966 


2. I saw that it should be Chocolate Day.  I bought a chocolate rabbit to spend Chocolate Day with me.  Next, I went to Kirribilli and worked in the Chocolate Cafe.  

File 19942












 3. While at the Chocolate Cafe, I bought a gift for a friend who has been in hospital. 

File 19944










4. After a moment, I remembered that I myself was at the hospital, for a couple of hours, last month.  My GP sent me to Emergency with my ear infection.  My face was so swollen!  ‘Yes,’ agreed a friend, ‘you have fish gills.’  But the doctor at the hospital told me to go home.  ‘I can’t see into your ear at all,’ he explained.  ‘It’s too inflamed.  Also, you may think your face is swollen?  But it’s not.’  I looked at him sternly.  ‘You do realise,’ I said, ‘that, in 1560, King Francis II of France died of an ear infection?’  Or anyway I would have said that if I’d known about King Francis II at the time.  I only found out  watching Horrible Histories the other day.   I decided to buy myself a gift for my hospital stay. 

 File 19976









5.  I came home, and worked at my desk.  My chocolate rabbit watched.

 File 19960


























6. As usual, I ate chocolate and fruit while I worked. 

File 19972










7. My chocolate rabbit took a break from watching my keyboard and looked out the window. 

File 19954










8. On Friday afternoons, a babysitter comes over and plays with Charlie while I do a couple of extra hours of work.  I told her it was Chocolate Day.  Right away, she got into the spirit of things.  She made Charlie crackers with chocolate spread (Nutella) and sliced bananas.  ('How were they?' I asked Charlie. 'Epic,' he said calmly.) Then she and Charlie baked chocolate-chip cookies.  

File 19950 









9.  Night fell.  My chocolate rabbit sat on the window ledge watching the lights come on, and thinking about his day.  He felt happy.  It had been a good day.  His new owner (me) seemed really friendly, and very fond of him. I had worn an orange dress for Harmony Day, and that seemed like a good sign to him, even if I had wasted a lot of time looking for something - anything! - orange to wear, before noticing that the dress I was wearing was bright orange. Chocolate Rabbit laughed to himself at the memory of that.  He thought about all the adventures of the day, and about my various other interests.

File 19958





















10. ‘I might just go out to the balcony to get some air,’ Chocolate Rabbit said suddenly.  ‘Okay,’ I said. ‘But come back in soon!  It’s almost time for tea and chocolate!  I have that every night,’ I explained. ‘Oh, lovely,’ he murmured. ‘I’ll be right there.’  But he seemed really distracted.  Like someone who senses he is missing something huge that is staring him right in the face.   

 File 19970

Mar 24,2014

You are right, Allyse, it was much better to see Horrible Histories once I was cured.  And Google ALWAYS kills you off, no matter what your symptoms.  I was a little insulted the other day when I googled some minor ailment and found out it was nothing to worry about. 

Mar 23,2014

Oh! Lindt bunnies.They are my sin.

Is it perhaps better that you didn't learn about King Francis II until after the crises had passed? There's nothing quite like finding out from 'Doctor Google' or in this case 'Horrible Histories' that your particular symptoms are clearly fatal.

Mar 22,2014

Thank you, Diem, that is so kind of you.  Yes, I think my friend is getting well, and my ear is practically perfect now.  I hope you are enjoying good health yourself.  

Mar 22,2014

I hope your friend is getting well and I hope your ear is okay. 

Mar 22,2014

Ha!  That is a funny t-shirt! Thank you! 

Mar 22,2014

I love this post, and I love your chocolate rabbit. It reminds me of this t-shirt, ( I've always wanted to buy it for someone.

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