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You're The Voice: Indi on meeting Morris Gleitzman

Oct 08,2012
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Olla everybody, it is I, Indi!

I hope that you are all having a fantastical day, preferably with an excellent book.

Now, where was I? Ah-ha! That’s right- denying being a reader (but actually loving it) and promising to tell you all about my encounter with Mr Morris Gleitzman.

File 11234The day I met the oh-so-famous Morris Gleitzman was at the launch for his new book: Too Small to Fail (which is marvelously marvelous book, I recommend you all read it) at The Little Bookroom. Before Morris made his speech, he came around for a friendly meet and greet with the crowd, introducing himself, shaking hands and so on. He came across to where my mum, our friend Erin and I were standing. I held my breath and my heart started to race. My favorite author was standing so close! It was hard to believe. Morris said hello to my mum and Erin, but I had slipped away quickly before he noticed I was present. After he had moved on, mum came and found me standing in the corner crying, and attempted to calm me down. Erin called Morris over and explained what was going on. Eventually I turned around to face my childhood idol. This one man had changed my perspective on reading, and made me a reader. Mr Gleitzman practically made me slightly who I am today.

Morris then explained to me that he was just a normal person, nothing to be afraid of. We ended up having the loveliest old chat, and before he left the launch he told me I had a ‘unique personality,’ and that he could not wait to see me again. Ahhhhhhh! What a happy glow inside I had that night! :)

On the topic of fantastic authors and books, (I presume you guys would like some book suggestions…) I would just like to suggest that you all read the newest release from Lauren Child: Ruby Redfort.

File 11246IFile 11236f you have read the Clarice Bean novels you should know that they are Clarice Bean’s FAVOURITE books, and that her and her best friend Betty Moody read Ruby Redfort avidly throughout all the Clarice Bean books. I was actually thinking a few days after I finished the Clarice Bean series how cool and groovy it would be if Lauren Child actually wrote the Ruby Redfort books. BA-BOOM! I walk into a bookstore a week later and what do I find? RUBY REDFORT! I immediately asked dad to buy it for me, which he kindly did, and I read it in two days. It was absolutely outstanding- one of my favorite series yet. I am currently on book two and loving every single sentence!

Before I sign off, I would just like to tell everybody that reading is fantastic and has completely changed my life. It has opened my mind into so many different worlds, experiences and situations. Good guys, bad guys- every book I read I have a new adventure. I love reading now. It is my favorite thing to do.  Reading is a hobby of mine that I don’t think will ever get old. I would love other people to be able to share the experience of a great book with other people. Therefore, I encourage everybody of all ages, all colours- everybody in the world- to READ.

You will not regret it.

Adios amigos!
Indi! xo 

Oct 08,2012
I SECOND YOUR ENCOURAGEMENT. You're superdy lucky to meet someone like Morris Gleitzman. I thought, in your last post, that we had a similar experience, but mine was completely different when I met Michael Grant. I turned up at Borders with my friends, and there he was, sitting at a table. I got my books signed, and he tried to talk to me, but all I could offer were the bare minimum answers - my throat was dry, my face was hot, and I was just crumbling with mortification at my complete mind blank. It was a dreadful experience, I really want to rewind and go back and do it again. It's lovely that you met your childhood idol ^^ And it's amazing to hear of your life-changing experience :)

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