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You're The Voice: Introducing Heidi and the Wizardtastic World of Reading

Dec 03,2012
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Hi everybody!

I’m Heidi and well… I’m stunned that you’re reading this—thank you!! May I say, you have great taste as you’ve clearly been drawn to my post through my use of the word ‘wizardtastic’, good on you.

Welcome, Heidi, this month's You're The Voice contributor!

To cut a long story short, I’m a 15 year-old who is positively obsessed with all things Potter and - if you haven’t guessed it already – a lover of books! I sincerely hope that over the coming weeks I’ll really get to validate this love of mine to you - the audience of this book-crazed blogosphere - and that my posts will prove to be of some interest to you.

Firstly I would like to say that while writing this post I found it very hard to live up to the tremendously brilliant standards of my fellow You’re The Voice bloggers. However, I’ve managed to fashion a blog post touching on how I came to fall in love with reading.  

At any rate, let’s get this blog started!!

File 12430

Okay, for a long time I hated reading. You see, I was perpetually deceiving people with extravagant tales of my latest ‘reading exploits.’ When in truth my reading was quite barren indeed.  In my whole life, up until one cool evening within the Christmas holiday period of 2008, I had left every chapter book I ever laid my eyes upon unfinished.

File 12433

Shocking, I know.

This brings me to my first theme of the month… getting into reading.

File 12436You’ll now be wondering what turned my world upside down (in the most marvellous and fanciful of ways) that Christmas evening. It was a dusty old book that my dad had found neglected on the street. He tucked me in that night and seeing as it was Christmas he read a few chapters of the book to me. For the very first time I was captivated by a book, the plot enveloped me in such a magical and intimate way. I felt elated. That book was none other than the most precious of J.K. Rowling books; the very wizardtastic Harry Potter and The Order of The Phoenix.

On completing the Harry Potter series, I was opened up to a fantastic new world of entertainment; reading. I was finally able to immerse myself into books in a way that I never thought possible. The series enabled me to change courses, injecting me with a fresh outlook on the pastime of reading and truly fast tracking my love of books. From that point on I eternally found myself tantalised by the way I can feel and live the characters in the furthermost reaches of other times and places. Whether it is floating in one of Elizabeth Bennet’s most sensational of emotions within the fictional town of Meryton, or completely losing myself in the hilarity of a Louise Rennison creation- the fabulous Georgia Nicholson series—all in the pages of a single novel. It is just so incredible! I sometimes think I can almost hear my mind drawing a long sigh in contentment after a good night’s read…

On that note, for those of you that just haven’t unearthed your love of reading yet, it’s achievable, it really is. Speaking of which my sister is, funnily enough, in Grade 5 this year and she can’t get into reading.

 “Well,” I tell her, “once you find THE book, all books will then become accessible to you.”

 So I now find myself saying: That’s all folks.

 Oh, and happy reading

 … Heidi out.

Jan 03,2013
anonymous's picture
Heidi - how wonderful to read your fabulous prose. Your wordsmithing is an absolute delight, particularly as I recover from post event wear out in my bed. You are a remarkable young woman and I wish you are very successful year. Congratulations on your fine work. Bonne annee et bonne chance a la France. Bisous de Catherine F xx
Dec 04,2012
anonymous's picture
Absolutely BEAUTIFUL blog post. You leave me speechless! Fascinating story on how you got into reading, sure glad that you did. I, myself, have found THE book. Two years ago, while I was bored, browsing in Borders (a bookstore I found boring at the time), I was looking in the young adult section and found the only hardcover copy of Vampire Academy. I didn't mean to get into it, I didn't even like reading, but I accidentally stumbled onto the first sentence which I have read countless times ("I felt her fear before I heard her screams.") and from then, I was hooked! Good times.. I enjoyed this post, and I can't wait for the rest.
Dec 03,2012
A lovely blog post Heidi. I was just thinking, THE book for me is Feeling Sorry for Celia because it brought me the door to the wonderful world of YA contemporary fiction. I hope your sister finds her book soon. ***
Dec 03,2012
PRIDE AND PREJUDICE! Sorry. I was just watching the modern adaption on Youtube- you know that thing where you see something somewhere, and then you start seeing it everywhere? Yeah. Anyway, I hated reading too, in prep. Mostly because I couldn't read. And then when I actually learnt how to read, I was pretty indifferent to it. After reading Harry Potter, very into it. :) J.K. Rowling converting non-readers into dedicated readers since...1997?
Dec 03,2012
No worries on the first post blues - you did great, and you can never go wrong with HP x) *sends virtual hugs and cookies* I'm proud of you. 'Twas a wise choice indeed. But you're the second person who has mentioned a special first book... o.o Admittedly, it took some force for me to get into the Harry Potter world initially, but reading has always been with me. I wonder who dominates - readers who have always been, or readers who need to be sparked?

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