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You're the Voice: Introducing Rhianna and Fantasy (Her One True Love)

Oct 07,2013
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A new month; a new You're the Voice contibutor! This month (a spooky month - halloween!) Rhianna Ricks will be talking all things books and reading. Rhianna is 15 years old, and studies at the Catholic Ladies College in Victoria. Welcome to the kennel, Rhianna!


Hope. It is a necessity for us to be able to dream.

I've realised recently the majority of my favourite authors are in the fantasy genre. I had never really expected or thought of myself as a fantasy lover but after reading books like the Graceling Realm series by Kristin Cashore, and the Throne of Glass series by Sarah J. Maas, I have realised that I am not only a fantasy lover but I also have a liking towards books based on heroines.

File 16995

Reading these books I found myself loving the heroines they wrote about - who were not only brave but fearless too - but also admiring these authors who were able to transport me to a different place and time.  

Fantasy is an amazing vessel that has the ability to take you to places you have never dreamed of going to. It is a place that you are always allowed to enter and a place you can never be banished from. A safe zone for anyone who is struggling with life's demands. To be honest with you, these authors are my real heroines for taking me to these places of hope and happiness.

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What is your favourite genre? Are you like me and can never have enough fantastical action in your life? I would love to read your comments.

-Rhianna Ricks

Oct 10,2013

Hi Rhianna. :) I'm with you, fantasy can be absolutely amazing when it's done right. Though, I don't know if I'd call it my favourite genre. I kind of love everything, it really depends on the individual book. ^^ Generally, the common themes do tend to revolve around adventure-ish things though, but I'm generally pretty open to reading anything.

Oct 08,2013

I think I like a bit of everything, though, like you, fantasy seems to be rather dominant in my favourites. I just like the adventure, the unreal, that thing you can escape to, where things seem a lot more fun and exciting than reality ^_^ But I find that I have favourites in every genre, anyhow :)

Welcome to the Kennel! Looking forward to your other posts :)

Oct 07,2013

My favlurite genres are fantasy action and the stories based on real life but aren't completely true (I can't think of the name)

Oct 07,2013

Welcome! I am a very picky reader and fantasy isn't normally my cup of tea. I've tried but I just end up reading one chapter and giving up. My favourite genre is contemporary. I adore it. 

Oct 07,2013

I don't really have a favourite genre anymore. For a long while, it was definitely fantasy, but now all my favourite books are from all different genres - fantasy, definitely, as well as historical, dystopian, steampunk, crime and a little bit of contemporary (I never seem able to spell that word on my first attempt :-/). I still love fantasy, so I think we'll get on just fine! ;-)

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