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You're the Voice: Rhianna on must-read new releases

Oct 22,2013
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I was told of an amazing new book called Journey, by Aaron Becker. It is a story told entirely through pictures, and the book challenges you to interpret the story. This is the trailer for it:

Even though I’m fifteen and have generally lost interest in picture books, Journey was compelling to read. I enjoyed every page, and found myself smiling by the end of it. Sometimes the clarity and message of a book is so strong that it doesn’t matter what age you are. Has anyone else felt this way about a picture book?  

File 17343On another reading note, all you Divergent fans will be VERY excited to know that the third book, Allegiant is coming out in the US today!  :)  (The Australian release is 1 November.)

Divergent is similar to the Hunger Games in that there is a common theme of rebellion, but it's also different - no one fights to the death in Divergent. Tris, the main character, is inspiring, although she is no Clary from City of Bones or Nora from the Hush series, where the most obvious things are hard to figure out. Tris is likeable because she is strong and endearing. The romance between her and Tobias is humorous, but a bit slow. Divergent is really well written and l just loved it! I can’t wait to read book three. I hope this inspires others to read it if they haven’t already done so. I would love to hear your thoughts!

Rhianna Ricks

Oct 24,2013

NOVEMBER 1ST? GAHHHHHH! Too long! Too long!

Oct 22,2013

Hmm that's 2 books I'm looking forward to being released on November 1 (although I may have to go back and read Divergent and Insurgent again) Allegiant and The Dream Thieves.

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