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Oct 13,2011

I would deffinately reccomend this book because it has a great story line with lots of twists to the story line. It is one of those books you just can't put down.


Sep 11,2011

She had no warning for the day ahead and she should have, it should have been in her notes. He should have been in her notes. Instead she was blind sighted by a new boy she has no memories of ever meeting, and since she can only remember the future she has to assume he is not a part of her future.

Reading through her notes she realises she had seen this boy before, both yesterday and the day before. It is evident that she will most likely see him again tomorrow, but for some reason he does not appear in her memories. However the presence of a new memory, one dark and foreshadowing death is about to turn her life upside down.

Forgotten is a past scribbled on notes and a future remembered before it is lived. While her mother is not around, her father is not in her life and her best friend is not speaking to her, the one person there for her is the one person she can't remember. A simple yet touching story of a girl who, although having no past, can see the future bright and clear. However despite her uniqueness she is just an ordinary girl falling in love and finding hope for the future.


Aug 17,2011

I loved Forgotten.  It kept me guessing right until the last page.  It had a great plot and I LOVED reading it.  i just love the idea of remembering fowards and forgettong backwards its so original and captivating.  I read the first line and knew that I couldn't put it down.  Read non-stop for a day and really enjoyed it.  Cat Patrick is a captivating and legendary author.  I was surprised I hadn't heard of her before my friend reccomended this book, her writing is so good.  i would reccomend it to anyone that doesn't mind not being able to put a great book down.  Sorry that I keep going on about how good it is but it is THAT AWESOME.


Some credit to Meg who reccomended it! Thanks

What else has she written Jess?

Aug 08,2011
This review is a spoiler. View anyway?

I absolutely loved this book, just seeing the cover made me want to read it!

The story relates to real life but has a strange fantasy aspect at the same time. It has it all! romance, teen drama, crime and family hardships. 

Jun 30,2011

This is a sweet romantic mystery which I'm sure will be very, very popular, particularly with readers who enjoy Sarah Dessen. It is written in a similar chatty style about families, friendships and first loves. However, Forgotten, also has a psychological twist, a mystery which surrounds London Lane, the sixteen year old girl at the centre of this novel.

The lead characters in this story seem to have stepped out of an American television show as they are almost too perfect. London Lane - prom queen looks with a selfless, if forgetful personality; and Luke Henry - prom king looks with a gentle, kind, too good to be true personality are certainly adorable. Their relationship bubbles along keeping the reader guessing as to why London can't remember this gorgeous boy who seems to be her perfect match. Her failure to remember him is significant as London's memories are only for people she can see in her future.

Luke's absence from London's future is all part of the mystery surrounding why she forgets everything at 4.33 am every morning. Yes there is a resolution,the mystery is solved in an interesting way although I'm not quite sure that the conclusion is entirely believable. Never the less, I thoroughly enjoyed this quick read as I could almost see it projected on a big screen in front of me. Perhaps it will be very soon.


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