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Burning For Revenge

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Author:  John Marsden

From Hell to Stratton isn’t an easy trip, especially when the enemy’s headquarters lies somewhere in between. And that’s exactly where Ellie and her friends unwillingly find themselves — smack in the middle of the Wirrawee airfield. With only five of them against hundreds of armed soldiers, escape seems like a suicide mission. The odds aren’t good, and Kevin’s nervous breakdown isn’t helping matters.
Ellie and her compatriots are back, battling to stay alive and struggling to stay together in John Marsden’s latest book in the TOMORROW, WHEN THE WAR BEGAN series.

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Sep 06,2013
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The "Tomorrow" series of books is full of action and suspense and so is this book, too. The way a few teenagers whack a whole airfield and get away with it is breathtaking - John Marsden manages to write in a way you can vividly imagine the action and are drawn into the action; I'll not forget how it felt to read through these passages the first time - I really felt addicted. :-)

This book also contains one of the rare occasions where the rest of the team manages to do something well on their own initiative (distracting the enemy soldiers at the river), because normally it's always the main character who does all the dangerous/audacious stuff.

The second half of the book is somewhat anticlimactic: The teenagers hide in the house of the grandma of the main character, we realize the terrible long term effects of the war on children, one of the team freaks out completely as a bubbling coward and then turns to small-scale farming vegetables in the garden of grandma's house. There is a very unbelievable side plot with the main character's lover secretly falling in love with an enemy (really, when I read this section I thought "give me a break" ...), and there is a disappointing end: Everyone says he wants to return to safety, showers, TV etc. ASAP and then they finally get the possibility, in a kind of state of mental derangement they flatly turn the offer down - even the guy who got the shakes all the time out of a sudden seems to be content to remain in the danger zone ... HELLO?!)

I'd give the first half 5 stars, the second half two stars.

Aug 11,2012

Ellie and her friends have been stuck in the war for what seems like a long time. They have no contact with relatives, just the other people in their group. They want to do something BIG. Something to help them win this war. But what can 5 teenagers do? A lot when they want revenge.

A must read for anyone 12+ who wants a good read with lots and lots of action!

Mar 29,2012
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I didnt like it because it was a boring book. I didnt have a favourite part of the book because i didnt like the book and i didnt have a favourite character. I can not relate to any of this book. I didnt like the whole book. I would recommend this to people that like war books but alot of the time nothing is happening.


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