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Author:  Neil Gaiman

Coraline is not the kind of girl to be put off by a sign of danger read in some tea-leaves or indeed a message sent to her by some very talented mice!  No, she is the kind of girl who faces a challenge with bravery, intelligence and a lot of determination.  Which is just as well because she is going to need all those skills and more, in this wonderful, spooky tale of a girl caught on the wrong side of a door, with counterfeit parents who have buttons for eyes and who clearly do not intend to set her free.  Read it if you dare!

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Jun 27,2013

this book is like soo original and i love coraline's character like how she is so brave and the whole book is so imaginative

Mar 14,2013

Loved the book. Loved the movie. Loved it all

Jun 17,2012

A book that consists of horror, imagination and paranormality, Coraline is a strangely eerie story of a young girl who just moved in to a peculiar house.

Bored and starting to hate her family, one day she found a secret door hidden behind a cupboard. Curiosity started to get the better of her, and she found a key, unlocked it, and went through.

Never did she know that she was walking straight into the heart of danger.

Jun 15,2012

And the Eeriest Novel Ever Award goes toooooo.... yeah. Set in a twisted world of other-mothers, talking cats and button eyes, Coraline is one creepily enchanting tale. There's this mysterious dark aura that just gives you the shivers, and at the same time, when you think about it, nothing really particularly scary happens. I adored this sinister story, it's eccentric characters, macabre setting and all. Recommended to everyone.

Nov 04,2011

This book is pretty spooky and horrific, but it's still a really good book. I know you usually only say this for movies, but this book literally has you on the end of your seat.

Jul 12,2011

Coraline is a girl, small for her age, alone with no siblings, and surrounded by adults too busy to play with her. But there is one person desperate for Coraline to play to with them forever, and ever, and ever...

When Coraline and her parents move into a new home, Coraline decides to explore. Coraline loves to explore and what she finds is a door, in a wall, that leads to nowhere. That's because it's bricked up. Disappointed, Coraline decides to explore the garden. But as the rain settles in she is forced once again indoors.

Strange noises and shadows in the night cause Coraline to become curious. Obscure and ominous warnings are given to Coraline, but still her curiosity gets the better of her. Once again she is drawn to the door, in the wall. Only this time the bricks are gone. Eager to explore Coraline enters.

What Coarline finds is a world not unlike her own, with a few differences. The home is almost identical to her own and there are parents here too who are almost exactly the same as her real parents, only with one small difference. Their eyes. The 'other' mother and 'other' father have no eyes, only shiny black buttons where theirs should be.

Scared, Coraline tries to return home, but home is not the same anymore. The 'other' mother of this strange world has decided she wants to keep Coaline, and never let her go. She's decided Coraline should have shiny black buttons where her eyes should be. Is Coraline brave enough to find a way to save herself and find a way back home, or will she be trapped, with black buttoned eyes, with her 'other' mother forever?

What a great story. Neil Gaiman is an excellent writer and has delivered yet another fascinating and eerie tale, with dark humour and an intriguing plot. Coraline is such a likable character and she is surrounded with such a quirky and strange cast of characters that you can't help but enjoy this book.



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