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Author:  Peter Dickinson

Eva wakes...

She has been in a coma for eight months after a horrifying accident. She hears her mother murmur 'It's all right. You're going to be all right.' But there's something terrible in that voice...

Eva has changed. From now on she must live a life that no one has ever lived before. A life that wil change the world.

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Sep 07,2011

Eva is a 13 year old girl living a normal life, sometime in the future. The only thing that separates her from the average girl is that she has a close affinity with chimps. This has everything to do with the fact that her father works for the Pool, an area that chimps are kept and observed.As a result, the Reserve is like her second home. She has grown up with them, and understands their social code as well as a humans. This oddity helps her cope when she is involved in a horrendous car crash, and turned into a science experiment for neurone memory transplant. Her parents, desperate for her survival, agreed for her neurone memory to be transplanted into Kelly, a young chimp at the Reserve. Eva is now a chimp with a human’s judgement, memories and intelligence. This is a dangerous thing in a world where humans have driven all other species into extinction, and chimps look to be next. Eva must use both parts of her to do everything in her power to stop this from happening, even if it means hurting the ones she loves.

This book is a good book because it explores some very deep points, yet manages to do so in an interesting way that keeps the reader captivated. It comes very close to becoming an environmental lecture, but manages to avoid it. I think, however, that while it did explore many crucial points, it glossed over some important ones, such as what it means to be human and animal rights. Dickinson glosses over these questions, however, and focuses on introducing new skills to the chimps, which, while interesting, I don’t think it was interesting enough to warrant the detail given. I also don’t think Dickinson explored the horrifying concept of waking up in a body that was not your own thoroughly.

However, the book did hold my attention for the entire duration, and upon finishing it I had been made to explore theories I had never even thought of, such as will the human race really lose all motivation?, and are we really on the path to wiping out all other species? I was also forced to consider an opinion voiced during the novel. It presented the opinion that, when the humanhas truly destroyed the Earth, as they had in the novel, Mother Nature would deal with it. In the book humans have lost all motivation, and are content to sit at home on their couches all day. They have stopped sending rockets to the moon, simply because nobody cares anymore. It was said that, slowly, people would just lose the will to live, and die. It is a truly disturbing idea, but, nevertheless, it made me think, and I think that’s what a good book is supposed to do.

I would recommend this book to children and young adults, aged 13 to 20. However, this book would also be suitable for mature 12 year olds, however, I don’t think it’s suitable for younger children, as it presents a few disturbing issues. It is good for readers who enjoy science fiction. That doesn’t mean, however, that if you’re not into sci-fi then you won’t enjoy this book. Sci-fi is not my favourite style; however I still found it an entertaining read.

Overall, I think that while this book was entertaining, it only scratched the surface on some important issues, yet went into too much detail on others. Because of this, I think it fell short of what it could have become.

I do, however, think that it is a story that will stay in my head for the years to come because of its unique storyline.


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