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Girls under pressure

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Author:  Jacqueline Wilson

It's diet time for me. I'm just so horribly hugely F-A-T! This time I'm sticking to it - no matter what-or they'll be calling me Ellie Elephant if I'm not careful! My friends Nadine and Magda think I'm mad- but it's alright for them.

Nadine looks like a model- and has a chance as a real cover girl! Magda is drop-dead-gorgeous (though boys always seem to get the wrong idea about her.)

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Mar 18,2012

Totally loved it, was such a good and absorbing read. Jacky has done it again and the best part is, the characters are so well rounded and normal, they aren't perfect and this results in the reader feeling as if Ellie, Nadine and Magda are YOUR best friends.

Ellie feels like a fat elephant even though she is 'normal sized'. And being friends with 'boy catcher Magda' and 'Model Figure Nadine' does NOT help! Ellie then decides to go on a diet which results in binging and purging and her parent's constant worries is making her angry but when she meets Zoe, a girl who starved herself and lies in hospital almost dead, Ellie sees sense and decides to stop.

The problem faced by Ellie in this book is one that many girls go through during their teenage years and this book is a real eye opener. I too often have problems with my body, but Jacky taught me to love our bodies!!

Definately would recommend this one....great book!


Mar 18,2012

TOTALLY LOVED IT!! It was such an amazing read.....and I felt that the problem faced by Ellie is somethign most young girls of our age (12 - 15) go through. It was so absorbing and definately worth reading. Jacky has done it again with another amazing read...

The characters (Ellie, Nadine and Magda) are so well rounded and normal, they aren't perfect and that's what makes them one of a kind and unforgettable!

Nov 04,2011

Ellie like a lot other young teens, feels as though shes fat. Although shes slightly over weight, she feels as though shes horrificly overweight.
Her two best friends Nadine and Magda are Skinny and Beautiful. Whenever Ellie is with them
, she feels like a Fat loser.

Ellie isn't really fat. Shes a normal- sized girl if there is such a thing. But one day at a Mall spree, Madga and Nadine join a group of girls trying out for a modeling spot. With skinny, pretty girls posing everywhere, Ellie's fat fear come to her and she feels like a whale.

Ellie tries not to eat which results in Binging and Purging. Her family get suspcious and worried but Ellie feels helpless.

After meeting a girl called Zoe who is suffering Anorexia and is in a life- threating Health issue. Ellie comes to her senses and sees the dangerous side of eating disorders.

This is book is the ones where you become so close with the characters and you want to slap them at times and then want to cheer and praise them.


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