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How To Live Forever

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Author:  Colin Thompson

Peter lives with his mother and grandfather in a mysterious museum full of weird and wonderful exhibits, with a hundred secret doors that lead into long forgotten corridors and rooms. 

When his grandfather gets sick, Peter decides to search for his father, who disappeared somewhere in the museum before Peter was born. Instead he finds a strange old woman, who gives him a book called How To Live Forever but makes him promise never to read it.

Trapped in a world where books are houses and wise men aren't wise at all, Peter meets a girl called Festival. She doesn't know where Peter's father is, but she might know someone who does. Together they look for the Ancient Child, who has the answers to everything...

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May 30,2012

This book is a charming tale about a young boy's hunt through an amazingly drawn library. The places he goes are imaginative and filled with puns, and the library has a very prominent sense of emptiness. A very nice picture book, one of my favourites.

Sep 09,2011

I love this book.

Anyone read the floods


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