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The Princess Diaries

Author:  Meg Cabot

Fourteen-year-old Mia is an ordinary Manhattan schoolgirl - until she discovers that she's a princess and heir to the throne of Genovia, a small European province! Suddenly Mia's life is turned upside down, with hilarious consequences - especially when she has to start taking 'princess' lessons...

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Oct 22,2012

The book the princess diaries by meg cabot is a lovely story about a fourteen yeard old girl mia whos grandmother spings on her that mia is to be the next princess of her counrty genovia. as you would assume mia was shocked and isnt sure she is fit for the role. the book encounters romance, friendship and changing. i thouroughly enjoyed the book and would reccomend it to mainly girls who are interested in royalty, happy endings and girly things. but the main problem of the book is will mia agree to becomming the next princess of genovia or will she say no? 

Jun 19,2012

this book is a great book to read if you are a girl and want to read something that you know you can read lots more of! this series of great books has 10 books to read!! so you know that you're not going to run out of books for a long time!! 

the first book introduces all of the characters and i suggest that you try and read the first one well, first, because that way you will have an insight on what the other books are like and doesnt make the following books something new.

the characters...

mia thermopolis: the main character, a very geeky girl and wants to save the animals. (princess of genovia...)

lilly moscovitz: mia's best friend, although, not always what you would expect your best friend to be like, she has her own tv show.

michael moscovitz: lilly's older brother, but also mia's crush!! how hard can it be to have a crush on your best friend's bro!! also, michael is a senior, while mia is still a freshman, michael is such a smart student!

lana weinburger: the top cheerleader, and as you would expect from a top cheerleader, she is the absolute most bossy and popular girl. you just know that mia would get teased by her!!

clarrisse renaldo (grandmere): mia's grandmother from her father's side, also the queen of genovia!! she is the lady that runs the princess lessons for poor mia, and teaches her how to properly be a princess..

there are many more characters but you will only find out about them if you read the books!!

the story...

mia thermopolis is a school girl at albert einstein hishschool and not so much enjoying it... she has to put up with lana weinburger and being a geeky girl. until one day... she finds out that she is the PRINCESS OF GENOVIA!! then it all begins to change... 

follow mia and her ups and downs through life when you sit down to read the best seller novel series 'the princess diaries'. you are sure to have a great time!!!

Apr 15,2012

Awesome.Loved it.Hilarious

Oct 11,2011
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About an ordinary girl named Mia Thermopolis, hated and picked on by the popular people at Albert Einstein High School, who finds out from her Grandma and Dad that she is the heir to the throne Princess of a small country in Europe, Genovia.

Poor Mia's life is turning upside down, what with her being a princess, her mother marrying her Algebra teacher, her best friend ignoring her and some love issues.

This book is a laugh-out-loud romance that makes you not want to put the book down.

I rate this book 5/5 because of it's humour, cleverness, and romance.

I recommend this book to all of the Meg Cabot lovers and romantic-comedy lovers.

Nov 24,2008
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anonymous (not verified)

A young girl who has a low self-esteem problem, and doesn't have much confidence in anything she does... Finds out that her long lost grandma is the Queen making her the Princess! Finding this out her life takes many twists and turns.

The best part of this book was... I can relate to the author because it is based on a teenager girl.
This book is similar to... Any girl teenager could relate to this and it may help with any low-esteem problems.
The best place to read this book is... In a quite place, when your on your own.
The soundtrack of this book should be... the sound track would be something fun and up beat.
Sep 12,2008
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anonymous (not verified)

the princess diaries is about a normal girl called Mia that founds out that her father was a prince and that she is a princess. She founds it out when her grandma (that she didn't even now about)came to her and her mums house to talk about it and when Mia found out she couldn't believe it so she didn't want to tell anyone about it not even her best friend Lilly but one day Lilly got it out of her.

The best part of this book was... the best thing would be the whole story and I like it because it was really really fantastic
This book is similar to... you would like the book if you like princess things and reality thing that can happen to anyone
The best place to read this book is... a good place to read it would be anywhere you want to read it
The soundtrack of this book should be... it would be a mix of pop, hip hop, classical, happy

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