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Lauren is 16 and hails from McKinnon Secondary College in Victoria. She's an avid reader, writer, nail polish collector and fangirl (specialising in mostly everything, especially TV shows and books, i.e. Harry Potter and TFiOS).  

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File 22478Jacob is 15 years old, going on 16, and goes to school at St Laurence's College in Queensland. Jacob has an unquenchable thirst for books - he spends a fair percentage of his time reading, as well as hanging out with friends and procrastinating fiercely. He considers himself to be a bit of a larrikin, and he often listen to bands such as ‘Sum 41’, ‘Linkin Park’, ‘Three Days Grace’ and ‘The Wombats’. 


File 23538Lena is 15, and goes to Kenmore State High School in Queensland. She's a serious book addict, a not-so-serious runner, an aspiring zoologist and writer, and last but not least, a severely under-appreciated master of deadpan sarcasm. 

File 22944Vinhara is 13, and goes to Ruyton Girls' School in Victoria. She's a professional fangirl who spends her free time reading books and random facts. She also cries about, and ships, book characters, and spends mammoth amounts of time persuading people on the importance of reading and loving books.

Claudia is 12, and from St Philomena's School in NSW. She loves reading, playing & listening to music, and her horses.

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File 23721Angus is 12 years old, and lives in Victoria with two little sisters, and a pet rabbit called Stanley, who sometimes keeps him company when he's reading.