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Mar 30,2015

Words hold knowledge. One day many, many years ago someone was doing something, and someone else recommended that the moment should be recorded, so that one day others could learn from it.

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Mar 23,2015

As you have probably realised by now, books have always been a big part of my life. As a child I always loved to read as often it would provide me with an escape from reality. I could have a bad day at school and just come home and pick up a book, then everything around me would disappear and I would be taken away and put into a new world where magic existed, or be taken back to the 1800’s, or find myself going on an adventure. When children read books they are taken to distant lands where magic is real, where mythical creatures can be pets, and where they can be what and whomever they want.

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Mar 20,2015

File 19691Yesterday I announced the 20 books that are rocking the 2015 Inky Awards longlist. But while the awards are named after me (oh gosh, you shouldn't have. Don't stop.) they are all about great books as chosen by you. To have your say about which books will make this year's shortlist, apply to be an Inky Awards Judge!


What does an Inky Awards Judge do?

- Reads all 20 longlisted books (which you get to keep), in the space of three months.

- Selects the shortlist of 10 books, in consultation with the other judges.

- Represents the awesomeness (is too a word) of the Inky Awards. This may mean doing some public speaking - at your school, at a festival event... maybe even media opportunities.


‘Thank-you so much for choosing me as a judge. It has honestly been one of the best experiences of my life so far and hopefully the people I met and the books we discussed will stay with me for a long long time!
– Lauren, 2014 Inky Awards Judge.



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Mar 18,2015

*Trumpets* *Fanfare* *Amazing pyrotechnic displays*

Presenting the 2015 Inky Awards longlist!

These fantastic books have been selected by teens, for teens as the best new reads to feast your eyes upon. Whether you like murder, mystery, romance, drama, sci-fi, geekery, warm and fuzzies, creepy-crawlies, or pass-the-tissues-please... the Inky Awards have it all.

                                                                    File 19691 

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Mar 16,2015

My cousin Anne Kucera is an artist and recently she has been focusing on sculpting with paper. She made a series of pop-up books telling different stories. The books always have people in them as Anne’s says they're about 'seeing the world through human eyes'. Although these books don’t have words, they still tell a story. Anne's are based on her personal dreams and nightmares.

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Mar 13,2015

3 reasons to read The Flywheel by Erin Gough: 

File 30075
1. The main character - Delilah, or Del. She knows who she is and what she wants. She's kind, she's smart, she works hard, and she's enormously fun to read about - see:

'As far as English teachers go, I could do worse than Mr Hammer. He's a smart guy with a good haircut and an admiral passion for punctuation. He's taught me since the start of high school and I only have two misgivings: his views on the semicolon and the fact that he ruined my life.

To be fair, when he paired me with Georgina Trump for a class project, ruining my life probably wasn't his intention. Class Harmony is Mr Hammer's big thing, and I understand that bridging the gap between those in the class who carry pink clutch purses and those who don't  is a legitimate part of that.'  - p 1

2. The tummy-butterflies. I felt every flutter and embarrasment that Delilah does in the presence of the utterly crush-worthy Rosa Barea. Not only is Rosa a uni student and a talented flamenco dancer, but she's also running a campaign to save the local library. How can you not love a book-lover?

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Mar 11,2015

File 29459You loved Every Breath, the sequel was Every Word and at last Every Move, the final book in the series, is here! Joy/delight/weep! All at once.

If you love pairing your reading with a bit of ear candy, author Ellie Marney has kindly provided the playlist to match (Spoiler caution! Link does contain brief descriptions of a couple of scenes from Every Move.)

I think I'm going to be listening to Bonfire on repeat, which Ellie says that she picked for its 'nice, ominous tone' - the perfect accompaniment to crime-sleuthing!

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Mar 09,2015


Ever since I was little I have been writing. Sometimes it was made-up stories about dogs and bears, sometimes it was a journal entry about my day. I still have most of my first writing pieces. I remember once I rewrote the three little pigs and adapted it into my own story where the wolf got sick and couldn't blow down the pig’s house.

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Mar 04,2015

Ahh the age old problem of how to mark your page! What do you use when there's no bookmark in sight?

A bone would make a great bookmark...if you can ignore your hunger pains, and the occasional pool of drool.

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Mar 02,2015

Inkyites rejoice, for with each new month comes (trumpets, please) a new Voice! I'm very excited to introduce the Voice for March - Laura Joan, who will be sharing her thoughts about reading and writing via video! Her youtube channel (Laura Joan) is full of vlogs about  things that are happening in her life, and topics that she is passionate about and has an opinion on. Some of her hobbies include karate (she is currently training as a purple belt), listening to music, playing her piano, guitar, ukulele, as well as singing, and of course reading, being active on social media, and writing. Welcome, Laura Joan!  - Inky

Hi! For those who don’t know me I’m Laura Joan. I’m 17 years old and I am currently studying year 12 at Ave Maria College in Melbourne, Victoria.

File 29407File 29404When I was 12 years old I was given a book by my Dad that allowed me to accept myself, to start to stand up for myself, and to be more confident. That book was No Ceiling by Heather Swan, which followed the story of her life and the ups and downs she went through to become a professional base jumper. That book taught me to get up and try again every time I fell.

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