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May 13,2015

Way back in the olden days (the 80's), there was an animated television show about an all female band called Jem and the Holograms. It was awesome. But now there's a new and improved, live action film that will make it's way to cinemas later in the year.

Which one do you prefer?



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May 06,2015

Not long to go until a galaxy far, far away returns to our cinemas...

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Apr 28,2015

Who likes books?

File 30600

Well have I got a treat for you! There's a free! YA book fan day happening at State Library Victoria (Melbourne CBD) on Sunday 31 May (11am-4pm).

You can come to one or more author sessions (bookings essential!), to meet your favourite writers and learn all the writing secrets:

  • Amie Kaufman and Sean Williams will be talking all things Science Fiction;
  • Clare Atkins, Will Kostakis, and Nowhere Boys actor Matt Testro will share the behind-the-scenes of the world of the screen, in Pop Culture;
  • Laurie Halse Anderson and Sara Farizan will be keeping it realistic with Contemporary Fiction;
  • and Sally Gardner and Jaclyn Moriarty will share the magic of Fantasy.

File 30606 File 30608 File 30614 File 30616 File 30620 File 30626 File 30629 File 30634

There'll be a chill-out zone, for relaxing and reading...

File 30636

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Apr 27,2015

Hello everyone! Today is a really sad because it’s the final week of April, so it’s the final week I’m on here. If you would like to find me after April is over, my blog is The Girl With Her Head in the Clouds and I have also started a BookTube channel, Kellie's Reads. Just a warning my BookTube channel isn’t that amazing, haha. I’m trying to get better quality content on there, but I have so many books in my TBR (to be read) pile and there just simply isn’t enough time. :)

Today’s topic is the benefits of rereading. This is from everything from rereading a book to a book series. My personal view is that going back to read a book again is awesome, especially if it’s a book that you loved. If it was a book that I didn’t enjoy that much, I wouldn’t reread it.  Rereading an awesome book doesn’t make it any worse, it helps you enjoy the book again.

A personal favourite of mine to reread is the first Harry Potter book. It transports me back to when I first entered the beautiful world of magic. It helps me relive the magic and all the awesomeness of Hogwarts.

File 30586

Talking about Hogwarts, it’s really weird, because I’m14 years old now so that means that my Hogwarts letter is 3 years late… *sniffles because she realises that she might be a muggle*

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Apr 22,2015

One of the greatest, most booky-est fairy tales of all times is in for a new retelling... Beauty and the Beast will be getting a live-action Disney treatment! If their animated adaptation is anything to go by... I have HIGH EXPECTATIONS, folks.

File 30555

It is all looking very promising so far. The script is being written by Stephen Chbosky - writer of book and film The Perks of Being a Wallflower - and Evan Spiliotopoulos. 

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Apr 21,2015

Hello everyone! Today I’m discussing a very controversial topic where books are concerned. I know that it isn’t a really big topic, but lately I have been talking about this subject a lot to some of my fellow book lovers. I hope that you find it an interesting topic too, and that you like today’s post.  :) 

Today I’m talking (or rather typing) about the ethics of reading a book in a series as a standalone, or not finishing a series after reading the first book. Maybe ‘ethics’ is too strong of a word but I feel like it fits in this situation. This is a very important topic in the book world - just like whether Bella should choose Jacob or Edward, haha (I’m actually laughing out loud to my own joke… Maybe I should leave the house. Nah, why do that when I can read in my warm bed :D).

Sometimes you read the first book in series and you don’t want to read the next one.

File 30526

The reason for that might be because you don’t want to be disappointed by the sequel or you just want to leave the book as a standalone. I myself have read a very good book that was a part of a series then decided to not read the rest of the series, because it was good as a standalone. This is such a controversial issue in the book world though and we need to discuss it. (Not exactly need, but it would be fun to, haha XD)

Some readers say that you shouldn’t read that way because the author wanted it to be a series and by not reading it as a series you are ignoring the wishes of the author. The thing is that you as the reader have a right to choose whether or not you want to read the next book as well. The author won't know, unless you tweet it to them or something along those lines. Don’t let other readers make you feel ashamed for how you read and also don’t let them make you feel ashamed for liking specific books.

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Apr 17,2015

3 reasons to read Since You've Been Gone by Morgan Matson: 

File 304771. Many YA heroines are described a shy and then show that they are anything but. However, in the case of Since You've Been Gone, Emily is genuinely shy and the fact that her bestie is the opposite makes it both easier (and harder) at the same time:

'"I was just not used to having to do things like this on my own. It had been me and Sloane, joined at the hip for the last two years, and she was so good at this kind of stuff - utterly fearless about walking into places she hadn't been before, or talking to people she didn't know - that any skill I might once had had in that department had withered away, since I knew Sloane would lead the way.'

But good news, the book shows Emily as she stretches those skills for herself!

2. Truth or dare? Sloane leaves without saying anything (horrible bf behaviour IMO) but leaving behind a bucket list of dares for Emily to complete. In fact, each chapter is named for one of the list items. My favourite? Break something...I am exceptional at that!

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Apr 15,2015

With so many popular YA books becoming films, it's nice to see one we're less familiar with. Jesse Andrews' Me and Earl and the Dying Girl shows that cancer, voiceovers and heartbreak aren't simply a John Green domain. In fact, this one looks a whole heap funnier...but that could make it all the more heartbreaking.

Will you be seeing Me and Earl and the Dying Girl in June?

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Apr 13,2015

Hello everyone! This is my second post and I really hope that you like it. I originally had a different topic for this post, but while I was reading on the weekend something happened... The death of a character I had fallen in love with. I decided that I had to approach this dreadful situation in a scientific manner. I noted down how I was feeling and after analysing my results I decided to write this post on how to deal with a characters' death, and what to expect when it happens to you. 


First Stage: The Denial

File 30438

Be careful - this stage can last quite a while, depending on what kind of immune system you have. If you have had a vaccine for what fangirl doctors call the Feels, the denial period and its symptoms will last for a much shorter time frame and will be less severe. For those you don’t know what fangirl or fanboy Feels are, they are strong intense feelings that can make someone gripped with sadness because something has happened to their favourite characters or ships.

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Apr 08,2015

Following on from the success of The Fault in Our Stars adaptation, the next John Green book to hit the big screens will be Paper Towns! Sooo... who's already read the book? And who's excited about the movie?

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