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Aug 20,2014

Epic Reads (from Harper Collins US) is a regular font of informative and/or funny information.  Their video series Book Nerd Problems points out many of the conundrums of the humble book lover.

From people not getting your YA references the issues of eating while reading

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Aug 19,2014

In honour of the recent 20th International AIDS conference (held in Australia for the first time), I have asked some of my savvy friends to share their thoughts on sex, health and relationships. Today Caitlin Hennesy, a 24 year old from South Australia, provides a youth perspective on AIDS 2014 and the power of narrative.

The International AIDS Conference is a gathering of people working and volunteering in the field of HIV to present research, promote dialogue, collaborate and develop response strategies. The theme of AIDS 2014 was ‘Stepping up the Pace’, reflecting the need for increased momentum to prevent the spread of HIV.

I attended the conference as a volunteer with Youth Empowerment Against HIV (YEAH). I also attended the Youth Pre-Conference hosted by the Melbourne Youth Force. Together we created a Youth Action Plan, focusing on the themes of Treat, Reform, Educate and Love, that was presented to The Global Fund and the United Nations Population Fund. Please go to to read more about our goals.

The pre-conference was an excellent opportunity to form friendships with young HIV advocates from all over the world. We participated in workshops, spoke about the value of peer sexual health education and learned from guest speakers, including Professor Sheila Dinotshe Tlou (Director of the Regional Support Team for Eastern and Southern Africa, UNAIDS) and the Honourable Michael Kirby (Justice of the High Court of Australia).                                                     

Melbourne Youth Force delegates were invited to contribute to a street art legacy project at Queen Victoria Markets. We designed stencils under the guidance of local artists Fred Fowler and Michael Fikaris then painted a mural, pictured below.

File 24972

During the conference, I was privileged to deliver a workshop to Victorian high-school students about the science of HIV, the need for safe sex using barrier methods such as condoms and dental dams, the global context of HIV and the stigma that people living with HIV face.

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Aug 18,2014

Hey again, Inside a Dog Readers!

The library is one of my favourite places to be, if not THE favourite place. I can spend hours in the library, and if you’re reading this, on this website, you're probably someone who can too. It’s a great place to just relax and find a few good books (or many).

Libraries are pretty much everything I want. They’re full of books, all different in size, shape, form, genre and whatnot - sci-fi, drama, action, romance, fantasy, horror, they have it all. What more could I ask for?

File 24905

Unfortunately, there are also people there. Sometimes I wish it would just be the many books and I, alone in the world, without me ever having to leave the library. But no.

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Aug 15,2014

File 248203 reasons to read We Were Liars by E Lockhart:

1. The marketing campaign (see the Tumblr here) had us all crazy intrigued before a page was even read. We also became completely smitten with all the beautiful images of seaside living. Lockhart's words are even more evocative.

2. The book holds a secret. A secret that hasn't been let out. A secret its readers have kept in. 

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Aug 13,2014

I know, I know, Harry Potter fans, mudblood is a bit of a dirty word. But it's also the title of an amazing new documentary about the many enthusiastic muggles who are claiming the game of Quidditch as their very own.

Yes. This is real.

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Aug 12,2014

File 24735File 24738File 24741


One of my favourite books/trilogies is called Legend. It was written by Marie Lu. The first book is called Legend, the second Prodigy and the third is called Champion.

Legend is set in the future, approximately 250 years from now. It tells the story of Day and June, two people with completely different lives. Born in the slums, Day is fifteen years old, and also the country’s most wanted criminal. June, also 15 years old, is a prodigy, a skilled warrior born to an elite family, groomed for success in the Republic of America’s highest military circles.

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Aug 06,2014

If you had an aversion to small spaces then this probably isn't the trailer for you.  However, if you're a Dylan O'Brien (Stiles, Teen Wolf) fan who digs young adult awesomeness then this will most definitely spin your wheels.

The second, and more detailed trailer for The Maze Runner was released following Comic Con. Watching it makes the release date (18 September) seem forever away.

Will you be seeing The Maze Runner?

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Aug 04,2014

Hello all! My name is Yuval, pronounced yu-val, not yu-vul, like so many people seem to think. I love books and can spend hours in the library- my favourite book is constantly changing. I am also very interested in sports (especially footy!!!). 

Welcome, Yuval! Yuval is 15 years old, from Western Australia, and will be joining us as 'the Voice' for the month of August! Catch his words, freshly printed each Monday. And if you'd like to be a Voice, too, applications are currently open. - Inky


File 24509My top three favourite places to read:

#3: A beanbag

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Aug 01,2014

1. I'm reading: All the news from San Diego Comic Con
San Diego Comic Con (or SDCC) is the event in America each year for everything comic books, film and tv adaptations, and pop culture. This summary of news from SlashFilm covers just about all the trailers, artwork, and fun stuff you could want to know - from who'll be in the next season of Game of Thrones, to what the stars of Avengers: Age of Ultron are saying, to fan reactions to The Maze Runner film.

File 24442

2. I'm watching:
 Omar Musa
He does magic things with words that make my brain spark and the world look a little bit different. Needless to say, I'm looking forward to getting my paws on his new book Here Come the Dogs.

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Jul 30,2014

File 24356

The first teaser trailer for Mockingjay (Part 1) is here! (If you haven't read or seen The Hunger Games or Catching Fire then, y'know... spoilers!)

What do we think? How are we feeling?

I know I've marked 20 November in my diary. (Mwah ha ha - we get to see it a day earlier than the US!)


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