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Jan 28,2015

The comic adaptations just keep on keepin' on! The latest trailer to tingle my eyeballs is Fantastic Four, where a group of young scientists achieve superhuman abilities after a teleportation experiment goes awry:

It's got Divergent's Miles Teller, as well as Kate Mara, Michael B. Jordan, and Jamie Bell as the Fantastic Four.

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Jan 19,2015

Throughout January and February the 'Voice' is the Level 87 Book Club, with not just one writer, but eight, sharing their bookish thoughts. Today's writer is Jillianne, a 15 year old student from St Aloysius College in Victoria.

Hello fellow readers, my name is Jillianne. I'm a pretty normal high school student besides being short for my age - friendly, social, and the occasional loud-laugher. Nothing special, however I'm definitely not the person you should bother when I'm in a bad mood.

Reading is one of my main hobbies and I usually do it as a pastime (if I'm not playing video games or listening to podcasts) since I'm usually very busy. My favourite book genres are fantasy and romance, I just get more consumed by a book that involves love or magic, or both. So basically, I'm your average teenage girl from the 21st century.


Second chance reads? 

Some people may not be aware of it, but as readers we tend to criticise authors' writing techniques based only on one of their books. When we don't particularly enjoy one of their books sometimes we don't give their other pieces a chance. There are some readers who do not judge quite as quickly as others might. I, however, am not usually one of them.

I normally tend to ignore or turn down a book that is written by an author whose previous book wasn't quite to my liking. I think I do this because usually every time I read a book, I always have certain expectations or estimations of what will end up happening, and so since the author's book (the one I previously disliked) wasn't up to my expectations, I don't think it's worth my time to read another one of their pieces that might possibly end up being another disappointment. And no one likes being disappointed.

File 27803

But seriously, how do you trust an author again after being let down once already?

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Jan 16,2015

3 reasons to read Brotherhood of Thieves: The Wardens by Stuart Daly: 

File 27792
1. Thieves! Call me a Slytherin, but I really enjoy reading stories with a little bit of crime and a whole lot of action. The Wardens opens with a rooftop chase sequence that could rival Fast and Furious 5.

2. The magic. The role of the Brotherhood is to acquire powerful, magical weapons from the graves of an extinct, magical race. And the best part of the deal? They each get to have their own magical creature - part steed, part pet, part best friend. 

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Jan 14,2015

The Ruby Circle is the final book in Richelle Mead's Bloodlines series (*sob!* No! Don't let it be over!), and it will be hitting shelves on 10 February.

If you weren't already excited enough to find out what happens to Sydney and Adrian, check out the brand new book trailer - two parts sad, one part sexy, all parts OMG:

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Jan 12,2015

Throughout January and February the 'Voice' is the Level 87 Book Club, with not just one writer, but eight, sharing their bookish thoughts. Today's writer is Darvey, who is 15 and attends school at the Gilmore College for Girls.

Hello readers! My name is Lillian Snape, er I mean... Darvey and I a member of the Level 87 Book Club. As well as being an active fangirl and reader, I write blogs on the 100 Story Building website. I have an obsession for Korean culture as well as books. I sing Disney songs. A LOT.


Which universe do you really belong in?

File 27722

It’s another boring day and you’ve just finished a pile of books from your TBR list (To Be Read). Your friends are either too lazy or too busy to hang with you, you’re not willing to do your homework (who likes homework anyway??) and you end up spending at least 90% of the time on the internet. Instead of continuing to be a couch potato, it's time to visit the other side: imagination. Daydreaming is completely harmless and free! You can pretend to be a rebel heroine like Katniss, have a tragic romance like Hazel and Augustus, or have magic like Harry Potter!

So that you can be sure you're visiting the best alternate universe for your brain, I have created a set of helpful questions:


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Jan 09,2015

3 reasons to read Emery Lord's Open Road Summer:

File 277061. Imagine your childhood best friend is Taylor Swift. Got it? Good. Now imagine you have to suffer through high school without your best friend as her career takes over. You're super proud of her but you've been left behind to deal with high school without her invaluable support and friendship. This is Reagan's life and it has gone pear shaped without Lilah being by her side. 

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Jan 07,2015

The latest big-screen news is all about one of comic's smallest of hereos: Ant-Man! He's the superhero who can alter his own size, and who has a helmet that controls ants. Weird, wonderful, or maybe even both? Check out the trailer to decide for yourself:

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Jan 05,2015

Hello and happy new year, Inkyites! I am super-excited to introduce you to a very special series of 'You're the Voice posts'. Throughout January and February the Voice here at the kennel will be that of the Level 87 Book Club, with not just one writer, but eight, sharing their bookish thoughts!

The Level 87 Book Club are a group of teens who love books, who regularly gather at 100 Story Building, in Melbourne.

Today's post is by Elena - she's a seventeen year old student who likes hanging out at the 100 Story building, reading, writing and talking about herself in 3rd person...   - Inky

For me, one of the most important elements in a book is characterisation. I tend to get more attached to the characters in a book than a plot - if the plot is boring or a little lame I can usually stand the book if I like the characters enough. The other way around- I tend to struggle. I’m the person who cries over the (senseless and pointless) deaths of my favourite characters, and will reread a book again as soon as I finish it because just because I’m not ready to let go of the characters.  

Some of my favourite - and least favourite - characters are written in first person. Why is that exactly? Well, because first person perspective dumps you straight into a character’s head: you watch the action unfold (or not unfold) though their eyes and hear their commentary on what happens. This can be great: the character’s view of their world can be interesting and their mental dialogue funny (or at least convincingly written), but when characters have annoying mental dialogues or heavily skewed opinions on the world around them, it tends to drive me up the wall. This is because you spend page after page, chapter after chapter, listening to a character whining about their (perfectly nice, normal) life or obsessing about a love interest that you really don’t care about, so instead of enjoying the story, you spend most of the novel wanting to hit the character over the head with their own book.

                  File 27651

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Jan 02,2015

3 reasons to read Jenny Han's To All The Boys I've Loved Before:

File 276351. I've been yearning for a story that tackles the nuance of sisterhood (not your BFF 'sista' but your actual sister) and this one does the trick. Lara Jean is smack bang in the middle of the Song Sisters who are about to lose their able leader, Margot, to college. Kitty is the requisite annoying, little sister who may or may not have been the catalyst in the action that kickstarts this story. Lara Jean loves and loathes her sisters in equal measures and it really captures the ever changing mood of sisters and their relationships with one another.

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Dec 29,2014

It’s my last post, and as with most endings, it is both sweet and sour. The sweet being that I had a wonderful time writing for Inside a Dog, and the sour being that it is over. In the next few days 2014 will also come to an end, and 2015 will take its place (best get new calendars and diaries). But there are still so many things that we want to do, so many things still left to read.

I'm proud to say that I have read many books this year. Some of the books I’ve read had been nagging at me for a while, such as The Knife of Never Letting Go by Patrick Ness (I have already mentioned this one) and The Maze Runner by James Dashner (I’m happy to say I read this one before the movie came out. The book is better). These books had a reason for nagging at me, they are very good and I recommend them to anyone.

     File 27612     File 27615     File 27618     File 27621

Other books that I’ve read this year jumped off the shelves at me. I had never expected to read them. For this year the two best unexpected reads were The Sky So Heavy by Clare Zorn and Does My Head Look Big In This? by Randa Abdel-Fattah. Both of these books gripped me right to the end, but unfortunately they did end, even when I wished they would go on forever.

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