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Oct 17,2013

To help you choose which amazing book you should vote for in this year's Inky Awards, we'll be getting to know a little bit more about the authors behind them. Today it's my great pleasure to introduce Elizabeth Wein, author of Code Name Verity.

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Oct 16,2013

I just received the shock of my life. Ender's Game, the sci-fi novel to end all sci-fi novels will be on the feature screen on the November the 1st.

The book is amazing! And scaring! And leaves you feeling all fuddled with your emotions (as a good book does!).

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Oct 14,2013

A very special post - dear to my heart - by this month's You're the Voicer, Rhianna! It's all about.... THE INKY AWARDS.

Put on your celebration hats, if you please.

 File 17211


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Oct 10,2013

As per usual, you guys are AMAZING and have the most AMAZING and funny and sweet and touching answers. Who knew there could be so many answers for just one question?

Well I absolutely couldn't pick a single winner this month. So there are two!

We asked - If you could shift yourself into anyone, or anything else, what would it be, and why?

We chose two very different answers. One so humourous, I snorted milk up my nose:File 17027

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Oct 09,2013

You may remember a gloriously addictive, award-winning, world-storming web series called The Lizzie Bennet Diaries? Well, the creators have now turned their hand to Jane Austen's Emma and the very first episode was released this week:

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Oct 07,2013

A new month; a new You're the Voice contibutor! This month (a spooky month - halloween!) Rhianna Ricks will be talking all things books and reading. Rhianna is 15 years old, and studies at the Catholic Ladies College in Victoria. Welcome to the kennel, Rhianna!


Hope. It is a necessity for us to be able to dream.

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Oct 02,2013

A dwarf with a goal; a burglar with courage; elves with pretty eyes; and a dragon with a sultry voice... OH YES, SMAUG SPEAKS:

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Oct 01,2013

To help you choose which amazing book you should vote for in this year's Inky Awards, we've been getting to know a little bit more about the authors behind them. Today I'm sharing an exclusive memo from Agent Simmone Howell, author of Girl Defective:

File 16945

Question 1: What is your book about?

15 year-old Sky lives with her drinking Dad and her weirdo brother above their record shop in St Kilda. It’s summer and she’s hoping to have adventures with her badass girl friend Nancy, but she has to juggle family responsibility, moral confusion and solve the mystery of the crying girl.

Girl Defective is part-mystery part-romance part coming-of-age. It’s about the moment when you cross over from innocence to experience and there’s no going back.


Question 2: If you were a graffiti artist, what would you paint or paste?

I would always go words over pictures.I love the stories behind graffiti - even if it’s just initials in a wonky love-heart. My favourites that I remember are:
1. on the Burnley trainline: REAL PUNKS CAN’T SPELL CAPPUCINO.
2. On the overpass at Balaclava Station: ARE YOU FOOLISH?

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Sep 30,2013

Cliffhangers and I have a rocky relationship. A cliffhanger is when a text concludes suddenly - there may be a plot twist, or the main storyline is left unresolved. This normally leaves me insanely angry and chanting 'I want more, more, more!' (You should imagine Sharpay singing 'Fabulous' in the second High School Musical.) There are too many unanswered questions filling my mind and I am always craving for, you guessed it, more.

However, it is only the initial period of ‘Whhhhhaaat? Cliffhanger???!! Noooooooo!! Whhyy??’ that I hate. Really, I am quite happy because my attention is piqued... but then the sad thing is the wait. The wait for the next book in the series is long and painful. Often I forget the entire story by the time the next book comes out, but I am also too impatient to wait for the whole series to come out for me to read it all at once.

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Sep 27,2013

To help you choose which amazing book you should vote for in this year's Inky Awards, we're getting to know a little bit more about the authors behind them. Today I'm getting geeky with Melissa Keil, author of Life in Outer Space...

File 16922What is your book about?

Life in Outer Space is a nerdy romantic comedy about a horror-movie obsessed wannabe screenwriter.

Sam is content with his monotonous life of movies, Warcraft, and avoiding bullies with his small group of loyal, equally nerdy friends. His safe little world is thrown into chaos when a new girl arrives at his school - a girl named Camilla, who seems determined to become part of Sam's life.

It's a story about friendship, finding your 'people', and the things that are possible when you force yourself out of your comfort zone.   


Are you more like Sam or Camilla?

I think I have little pieces of both of them in my personality! I can be a little socially awkward, like Sam. And I do like lots of the same stuff that he does (though horror movies were never really my thing - I became a big fan while researching his character). I think I also have a little of Camilla's optimism and tendency to want to see the good in everyone. I guess that's the thing I loved most about their friendship; though they seem like polar opposites, they actually have more similarities than differences. And they both love Star Wars (though really, who doesn't). 


What's your World of Warcraft character?

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