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May 26,2014

Oh dear, my last post already! Because it is my last post, it got me thinking hard, really hard, about books, and I realised that I have outgrown some books on my bookshelf. I find this quite sad, so I guess this post is a farewell to the stories of my childhood.

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My bookshelf is made up of books that I was obsessed with as a kid; young adult novels; and a few Jane Austen novels and other classics. But what I really want to talk about are the books I loved as a kid. There were two main series I read a lot: The Fire Within (Last Dragon Chronicles) series by Chris d’Lacey and the Inkheart trilogy by Cornelia Funke.

File 22008The Fire Within is a story about a uni student named David, who becomes a lodger in a house with Liz and Lucy (mother and daughter), who own and make clay dragons that come to life. Yes, I was obsessed with these books because who doesn’t love dragons in books? And clay is my favourite art medium.

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May 23,2014

Three reasons to read Don't Call Me Baby by Gwendolyn Heasley:

File 215341. Imagine your mother blogging daily about your entire existance to a huge audience...and that's Imogene's life. It's more heinous that you can even conceive.

2. I am calling it right now - Grandma Hope is the greatest grandparent in the history of young adult fiction. She's a former golf pro who tells it like it is. She is amazing.

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May 21,2014

So you've heard of Marvel Comics' Thor, Captain America and Iron Man. But have you heard of Star Lord? No? How about the Guardians of the Galaxy?

I hereby introduce you to the new additions to the world of Marvel. Star Lord, Gamora, Rocket Raccoon, Groot and Grax.

And yes, two of them happen to be a gun wielding raccoon and a fighting tree!

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May 19,2014

I thoroughly enjoyed reading the blog post by Trianna on people-watching and it made me think about how I observe people.

Of course it is in our nature to observe people, to learn appropriate behaviours or because we’re bored, but I find myself wondering a lot about random strangers - what they’re thinking about, what their personality is like... and now as I’m typing this I wonder if other people have put that much depth into their thoughts when they see a random person at the train station like me.

Public transport is one of the best places to people-watch. You see a wide spectrum of people from the adorable babies to the lovely elderly. I spend about 2 hours on public transport on weekdays which means that these strangers almost become acquaintances (but not quite) as there is that (awkward) split-second of eye contact as you both realise that you saw each other yesterday.

So I guess this leads on to the embarrassing mission I’ve been trying to achieve...

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May 16,2014

3 reasons to read Pandora Jones: Admission by Barry Jonsberg: 

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1. Because dystopians should be dark and scary places. This book does not contain glitter. It does contain blood. Which leads me to...


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May 14,2014

Did you know that Penguin (the book publisher, not the animal) now have their very own video channel just for teens? Welcome to the world, Penguin Teen TV!

Their very first episode is an interview with Richelle Mead, dishing up all the gossip on her Bloodlines books!

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May 14,2014

File 21656In March I was lucky enough to have the fantastically talented Jaclyn Moriarty here as my writer in residence. To celebrate, there was also a competition throughout the month where you could write your own letter, for a chance to win signed copies of all (yup, all) of Jaclyn's books, plus a critique from Jaclyn of the winning letter. There were heaps of entries, and Jaclyn received and read them all! But who won?  

In Jaclyn's own words...

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May 12,2014

'Hey Lily, do you know any books that I should read?'

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That is one question that freaks me out. And despite the fact that I read a lot of books, it does not make it easier to answer this question. There is such an incredible amount of pressure that I feel when someone asks me that my mind just goes blank, inside my head there are alarms going off, and then I have forgotten the titles to every book that I have ever read and my response out loud is normally, 'er……' and then I go on to recommend a book that they have already read and actually recommended to me earlier. Which can be quite embarrassing.

I guess this is because I want to make sure I recommend a book that I know the other person will enjoy reading, and will make me look like someone who has an intelligent mind and reads good books.

I struggle to find books to suggest because I have some unofficial, unspoken rules of recommending a book which go along the lines of:
1. Recommend a book they have heard about.
2. But don’t recommend one that’s obviously been talked about a lot or else they’ll think that you just read cliché books.

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May 09,2014

Three reasons to read Every Breath by Ellie Marney:

File 215321. Do you dig Sherlock, or Elementary perhaps?  Like those shows Every Breath credits Arthur Conan Doyle's Sherlock Holmes novels, but twists it in a wonderful, teen-centric way.

2. Suspense! Any crime novel worth its salt needs to have it, and this book has it in spades.

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May 07,2014

Want to get your chortle on?  

Then check out this new Roman invention....aBook.

Nifty huh?

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