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Oct 24,2014

I had waited months for Wednesday evening to arrive, because John Marsden was coming to launch my book! Not only was John Marsden coming to launch my book, but he would be in my home at Janet Clarke Hall! All I had to do was come downstairs to be in a room full of staff, students, my wonderful publishers, bookish friends from all areas of my writing life and of course my family. Everyone was very excited to see John Marsden – we’d grown up with his books. He wrote not about teenagers, but to teenagers.

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Oct 15,2014

Today we will explore the MIND.

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Oct 14,2014

The next part of the dog anatomy we will explore is the SPINE.

(I am drawing these cartoons because I'm worried about pinching pictures off the internet).

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Oct 07,2014

The next part of dog anatomy I'd like to examine is INTESTINES. They lead to the colon but today we're not going to deal with punctuation.

Some American football coach named John Wilce made up the term 'intestinal fortitude' in 1917, and Urban Dictionary says it's a politically correct term for guts. I wonder how courage came to be associated with our digestive tract, in the same way I wonder about the baffling name for the product we use to clean our hair. I mean, why is it a sham and not genuine?

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Oct 06,2014

Hello, I'm Alice Pung and this month's INSIDE A DOG resident writer. I live in Melbourne, and until recently have mostly written non-fiction, including the books Unpolished Gem and Her Father's Daughter, as well as edited the anthology Growing Up Asian in Australia. My latest book and first novel is called Laurinda, about a trio of 15 year old girls in an exclusive girls' school who secretly 'run' the place.

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Sep 30,2014

Let's start the party with PRIZES! Congratulations to the winners of the Spark giveaway:




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Sep 28,2014

This is a completely self-indulgent post about books that I've enjoyed and books I'm looking forward to. Have a look/click and leave a comment below if you've read them too - let me know what you thought. Don't forget to end your comment with the hashtag #SPARKgiveaway to be in to win one of 3 Spark prize packs.

(you need to be a registered member of Inside A Dog and be living in New Zealand or Australia to enter)

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Sep 22,2014

If you read a lot of YA fiction you’ll be aware of tropes and character types that appear frequently in this category, like: the star-crossed lovers, the underdog who faces down the bully in the schoolyard, the mean girl who, once you get to know her, isn’t all bad. If you read criticism of YA writing there’s a fierce distaste for ‘insta-love’, ‘love-triangles’ and ‘the chosen’. In fact the 'special’ person selected by ‘fate’ for an impossible deed gets a lot of bad press.

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Sep 18,2014

It's shameless promo GIVEAWAY time, y'all. So brace yourselves under a barrage of sparktacular (oh yes, I did) reasons for reading Spark and learn how you can enter to win one of three signed copies and some extra goodies. GOODIES!!!!


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