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Jul 01,2014

File 23013Why, hello there!

The name’s Tozer. Gabrielle Tozer. Come in, relax, take a seat… oh, you’re probably already sitting, aren’t you? Oops. Maybe I'm the one who needs to relax.

As you can tell, I’m a bit nervous. Shaking-in-my-UGG-boots nervous. Why? Well, I’ve found myself in territory where no journalist-turned-author has gone before (that may or may not be true, but why let the truth get in the way of a good story, am I right?)…

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Jun 29,2014

Well folks, it’s my last post here at Inside a Dog! This month has flown by, but Inky and I've had a blast hanging out. For my final blog, I thought I would answer some of the questions that I’ve been asked over the last year. It’s been just lovely being your resident writer for June ­– feel free to swing past and say hello anytime – you can find me here and here and here

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Jun 28,2014

I’m always fascinated hearing about the childhood books that influenced other writers. Last month, the very awesome Will Kostakis looked at the reading that shaped him as an author, which, not surprisingly, had quite few entries that would make my list too (The Hobbit! Fight Club!) There are plenty of books that I’ve fallen in love with as an adult, and quite a few that I’ve loved so much that I’ve had to re-read them, some more than once.

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Jun 25,2014

Like all proper book nerds, I have a stash of books on my shelf that I’ve bought but haven’t got around to reading. No matter how many times I've told myself that there will be no new additions until the spine on ever last unread book has been cracked, the lure of shiny new books, with beautiful covers, is just too tempting. Who hasn’t picked a book up in a bookstore or library just because it has a stand-out cover? Something that catches your eye amid a sea of other rectangular paper objects, that you must have in your hand right now because OMG – THE COVER!

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Jun 20,2014

One of the questions I was asked recently by a young fan (whoa, I have those!) is what things I am watching on YouTube. Which made me doubly excited, because a) this young fan was aware of how obsessed I am with YouTube, and b) I got to talk about cool stuff I’m watching online. I love short stories, written or otherwise. Regardless of the medium, it takes a particular skill and cleverness to make you care about characters, or invest in a narrative in a compressed amount of time.

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Jun 17,2014

There are many moments in the life of every novel, when the thought of trying to write feels like this:

File 22757

You know that the ideas you need are somewhere in the murky depths of your brain, but now, they’re stubbornly, and persistently, refusing to surface. Frustration with your own uselessness starts to build, till you’re feeling like this:

File 22763

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Jun 14,2014

File 22541

So you have an idea. A persistent something that has gnawed at your brain doggedly enough for you to start jotting it down. You’re getting to know your characters, and laying down the brickwork on the bumpy path that will become your plot. What next? Well – unless you’re writing a real-time testimonial of your own life (mine might be called Girl Who Stares at Computer and Drinks Many Teas) – you’ll probably need to do some research.

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Jun 06,2014

I couldn’t be more pleased to be here at Inside a Dog. I’m putting the finishing touches on The Incredible Adventures of Cinnamon Girl, and my brain is already shifting gears to what comes next. And so, for the next whole month, I have a delightfully diverting excuse to not think about writing my next book. Writing is hard, and devising handy excuses not to do it can take up an awful lot of a writer’s day. There’s only so much time that can be frittered away on Twitter, or looking at pictures of cute sloths on the net. 

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