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Feb 16,2014
In my introductory post, I mentioned I was Canadian and I also like to cook. This seems like a great opportunity to show you how easy it is to make a classic Canadian dish: Poutine! Poutine, if you've never heard of it originated from the province of Quebec and consists of fries topped with cheese curds and gravy. It's delicious. So let's MAKE IT!

File 18198

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Feb 13,2014

Because I did a post about love songs in anticipation of February 14th, I thought I'd explore the flipside of that coin. Not everyone is in a relationship! Not everyone wants or needs to be in a relationship, either. Life is about making choices that make you happy, and if you're happy--with or without a significant other--you don't need to justify that. Just be happy! So here are some of my favourite tunes that focus on celebrating and believing in yourself and what you're capable of. What are yours?

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Feb 11,2014

Since it's February and February 14th, some kind of holiday involving love (but not zombies), is close upon us, I thought I'd share some of my favourite romantic songs. If you wanted to make a playlist for that special someone in your life but you're pressed for time, you can steal mine and pass it off as your own to give! Just joking. Don't do that at all. That would be lazy and you should always expend a little effort and thought into the one you love. Come on, now. But I don't blame you if some of these picks end up on it...

Roy Orbison | Lovestruck

Roy Orbison's best songs are the ones about unrequited or lost love (in my opinion), but Lovestruck is such a sweet littly ditty about that heady feeling when you get hit by cupid's arrow. Fun enough to put a smile on the most cynical face, I promise.

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Feb 04,2014

There's no doubt about it--YA is having its day at the movies and that? Is fantastic. We got The Hunger Games. Divergent, The Fault in Our Stars and If I Stay are on their way. Last year, we saw The Spectacular Now, City of Bones and Tiger Eyes. Whenever it's announced a beloved book is coming to the big screen, there can be A LOT of excitement and equal parts trepidation, which is understandable. Will the movie do the book justice? Will it be BETTER than the book? What if it's terrible? I know some people flat out hate the idea of their favourite novels going Hollywood, but I LOVE when a novel is explored in a new medium. Sometimes it makes me consider that story in ways I haven't before. Here are just some of my favourite movies based on books:

File 18126

THE BABY-SITTERS CLUB based on the series by Ann M. Martin

I was a HUGEEEE fan of the Baby-sitters Club when I was growing up. Huge. I joined the fan club several times over. I wrote the Unofficial Guide to the Baby-sitters Club (in glitter pen, thank you) before the Official Guide came out. Stacey was my favourite sitter and her books were an auto-buy. So this was like a dream come true for me when I was nine-years-old. After it disappeared from theatres and the wait for it to come out on VHS commenced, I might've called K-Mart nearly every weekend asking if it was out yet. (I probably should have just asked them the release date but I had no concept of this at nine, apparently.) I loved the movie. It wasn't perfect--because nothing could ever be as good as the books themselves in my eyes--but I thought it captured the spirit of the girls pretty well and that was what counted to me the most.

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Feb 01,2014

Hi! I'm Courtney Summers and I'm the writer in residence for the month of February! That's awfully exciting for me because the only residence I've ever been a writer in is the house I live in and it's not really the same thing. Or maybe it's exactly the same thing, since I'm the writer in residence for the month of February, here, Inside a Dog, typing from the house I live in? It's awesome, in any case, and I'm thrilled to be here.

I'm the author of several books for young adults, one of which is This is Not a Test, which was up for the Inky Shortlist last year. At the risk of overusing the words 'exciting,' 'awesome,' and 'thrilled'--well. That was a very exciting and awesome moment for me and I was thrilled. I've been a long admirer of the Inky awards and it one of the nicest parts of my 2013.

I live in Canada (cold!) and I am obsessed with zombies--This is Not a Test is a zombie novel--because what is not to love about zombies? Though I would not advise loving them romantically because that would likely end badly. For the zombie. Hopefully. My favourite zombie movie is Night of the Living Dead because beside popularizing the zombie genre, look at this guy:

File 18087

I just think he's great.

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Dec 31,2013

2013, your funeral is on its way. I love fireworks and I love arbitatry countdowns, so this is a night for me.

It’s almost time for my tenure at Inside A Dog to end; in the final words of the tenth Doctor:

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Dec 30,2013

Have you seen the new Hobbit movie yet?

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Dec 25,2013

Merry Christmas, dear readers! And happy holidays to those of you who celebrate the myriad occasions of the season. I hope today is a day filled with food, family and fun.

On Christmas I'm reminded of one of the loveliest news articles I've ever read - the famous 'Yes, Virginia' editorial.

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Dec 21,2013

Tis the season to get presents! (Fa la la la la la, la la la la!) And since Christmas continues to creep so steadily up on us all, quiet and Grinch-like, it might be time to have a look at some last-minute gift ideas for the bookworm  in your life!

Here's my top five stocking stuffers for readers, writers and word-lovers:


5) Gift certificates

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Dec 19,2013

Our futures stretch ahead of us like blank pages. Our pasts are closed chapters; pages full to bursting with recorded events, with people, with days and nights and thoughts and fancies.

Some people like to take a scrap of those pages with them into the future, permanently scribbled on the canvas of their skin.

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